How to stand out online and get the attention you need

Mars Dorian Profile

Heya, I’m Mars

Born on the blue planet, but named after the red one. I’m an online illustrator and sci-fi storyteller. My goal is to create work that breaks through the clutter and reaches the customer where it matters — his heart.

This is my life motto:
When you’re not trying to fit in, you’re free to stand out.

And it’s what I do – I help you stand out online and break through the samey samey noise — both through consulting and visual storytelling.

My speciality is to use BOLD, visual designs to help your content spread online, cause people to drool over your products and make ‘em buy and spread it with endless fire inside.

For businesses, brands and individuals, especially if they act in the social media and online marketing world.  

Helping you break through the noise. Getting the attention you need. And attracting raving fans that spread and buy your stuff.


My services range from creating book covers, viral slideshows, visual cartoon content marketing to share-worthy infographics and eproduct branding.

Here’s a selection of my current projects. Everything’s made with a moon-melting passion. Zishshshshs.

My work is experienced by over 10,000 people every month and got featured by ThinkTraffic, Julien Smith, Business Grow, Alltop, BlogcastFM, and Chris Brogan. Among many other top online platforms and influencers.

Dive deeper into my site if you’re madly passionate about

  • creating & marketing remarkable digital work
  • building your own creative online biz
  • storytelling and building your indie author career

In short – I design and work with go-getters who want to stand out by doing outstanding stuff.

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