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What the hex is the Attack Planet?

What the hex is the Attack Planet?

It is done. After months of working my face off, and endless hours of editing, I’ve created my second sci-fi novel–Attack Planet. Read the description below to see what it’s about… Militarized startups rule the colonized planet Fortuna. No problem for country boy Flint, until his mother gets shot by raiders and lands in hospital.Continue Reading

Ello or hell no ?

Social media peeps brace yourself – a new competitor has entered the online arena, and brands itself as the Facebook killer. Wowzee, never heard that modest goal before. The new network has burst onto the media scene with articles flanking you from all sides. Wired, Forbes, USAtoday, Entrepreneur and Techcrunch started writing about it, andContinue Reading

Should you be afraid of Twitter’s changes ?

I love Twitter. I’m a Tweetaholic. I’m tweetin’ till ma fingers are bleedin’ — you get the idea. I could tell you all the reasons why I believe Twitter is the best social media platform. Short, specific messages, a clear UX, great for networking and content sharing, etc., but the number one I reason IContinue Reading