The Outstander guide teaches you how to build a creative online biz

It’s tough tough tough out there to build a successful business in the digital world. It’s overcrowded like hell. WordPress alone registers over 100,000 new sites created EVERY day, and that’s just ONE platform.

These people all want to “make it” online, and what’s worse:

All of them fight YOU for attention.

Baam. Needless to say, competition is INSANE, and since the web is global, you HAVE TO COMPETE AGAINST THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD !

If you don’t know how to stand out and differentiate yourself, you will vanish into oblivion. No one will pay attention to you. Sayoonara. Your online biz will fail. And you’ll waste lots of time and money figuring out what the hell you should do.

Dang ! But don’t shoot yourself yet ! There’s hope on the horizon.

“Mars is a true original and understands branding better than almost any marketer or blogger I’ve worked with.” Corbett Barr |



Imagine if you…

  • could present all of your different skills in one compelling offer
  • make your  (personal) brand memorable and notorious in your market
  • get interviewed worldwide and attract digital media coverage
  • attract the right clients & customers that ACTUALLY want to pay for your products and services

If you want to know how to accomplish all those things, you’ve come to the riiiight party…

‘cuz the Outstander Guide can help you with that:


The Outstander is a 104 page PDF how-to guide, blasted with over 60 hand-crafted colorful illustrations, designed to help Y-O-U build a compelling online presence. It will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and attract your right customers that want…no, neeed to work with you.

This guide is for: mega-passionate freelancers, blogger, solopreneurs and/or small business owner that use an online presence as the main marketing platform to build their business.

Try out the guide risk free or keep reading for all the juicy details — some people complain about my fonts being too small. That’s why I made the buy now button a bit bigger:
When you apply the tactics in the guide, you can expect the following results (or write a personal mail and tell me how full of shit I am ) :

  • be clear about what you & your brand stands for (and thus attracting your right customers)
  • create buzz around your brand and make people  (potential clients) pay attention to you
  • stand out, even in overcrowded markets, like a naked person with a red feather on the face
  • present your services and products, especially if you offer multiple skills
  • target the right people that will luv to do biz with ya and buy your stuff
  • get interviewed worldwide and attract digital media coverage

” It’s like Seth Godin said: ‘Be judged, or be ignored.’
If you take Mars’s advice, you will definitely not be ignored, and you’ll learn to get comfortable with the kind of ‘judgment’ that will allow you to make your mark.”
Johnny B Truant |

If you’re sick and tired of being ignored online, this guide will help ya stand out:

Below is a small, random collection of pages that are featured in the guide:

Here’s just a small sample of the things you’ll learn:

  • why branding is absolutely vital if you want to thrive in today’s online biz world  ( don’t cry – I explain it to you – in pictures ! Yay.)
  • the one major thing you need to know if you want to influence people to take action (i.e. buying your services and products ;)
  • why you seriously need a grrreat business card to succeed ( and how to create own that makes people say *wow*)
  • why overcrowded markets are g000ood (and how to succeed in one)
  • why traffic is NOT important and what you should focus on instead to get business online
  • how to position yourself effectively (so people know exactly what YOU can offer THEM )
  • how to write an awesome about page that tells an amazing story that people want to spread
  • unusual but effective ways to connect with your clients like Gorilla Glue…on steroids
  • how to succeed when aiming for a big-ass market with insane competition (most people screw this up)
  • how to burrrrn yourself into your customers mind & make them remember you (no zippo required)
  • the best methods of standing out online and attracting the customers that luv to buy your products and services
  • how to connect with you clients that turns ’em into repeat customers (like a repeater gun – bang, bang, bang)
  • the power of naming, and how it can help you stand out & stay memorable
  • the one thing you have to do if you have no clue about design (but still want to have an effective website that converts better than Christian missionaries )
  • why niches are old school and what you should focus on instead (the answer may surprise you, no, seriously )
  • a forgotten method created by Walt Disney that helps you create MUCH better work
  • how to form a mastermind group (aka alliance ;) that takes your influence to the next level (because you’re not Han SOLO. Get it ? Ok, stupid joke )


I believe in my product like Christians believe in Jesus Jebediah Christ. That’s why I offer the following money-back guarantee:

Mars Dorian Guarantee

I guarantee this guide will help you stand out and build an online presence that demands attention. If you apply the awesome-sauce from the guide, you will get stand OUT from your competition and attract the customers that LUV to do biz with you.  If you’re not 100% satisfied and you think I’m FULL OF SHIT , there’s a 90 day money back guarantee. Booooooya. Please note: to give you time to try the guide no returns within the first 30 days. If you’re ready, click on the orange button below :

For the price of getting wasted twice, you can get an edu-taining guide that can help YOU build your online career. Plus, you won’t throw up from this one.


What peeps say about the guide (hint: everyone who hated it can’t be found here)

“Mars gave me some excellent advice for some big holes in my site that have definitely been holding me back from getting more popular. His ideas are fun and make psychological sense in the context of what people think when they look at your website. Talk to him and he’ll help turn your website from a simple blog to a platform to spread your digital influence!” Benny, the Irish Polyglot /


“Creating an outstanding brand is one of the most critical aspects of creating a lasting legacy. Yet so few people actually know what it takes, why it’s important and how it can make you and your business unforgettable. That is until Mars Dorian came along with his rocking attitude, insightful wit and knowledge, and unique creative design work, to bring you this incredible `all-you-ever-need’ guide to becoming a branding genius.

It’s fun, it’s fresh, it keeps you on the edge of your seat and you will simply lap up all the invaluable lessons he shares in creating a powerful online presence that demands attention.”
Natalie |

Farnoosh Brock testimonialThis is an unforgettable book, with a presentation style that will make a deep impact on you even if you have heard the topics before. One thing I can say is that Mars walks his talk and he can show you how to walk yours and become unforgettable in the eyes of your market. Brilliant work, Mars!

Farnoosh Brock,

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