Asking You – How to Solve One of The Biggest Problems Online

Normally, I’d just put up a pretty edutaining cartoon and then add my marketing/biz rants, but this time, I want to do something different… I have recently made an interesting discovery. Working with many clients from all over the world,¬†you’d expect to get different questions and feedback. Different pokes from different folks, no ? No.Click to read

The Best-Selling Product in the World

Whatever you think it is, you may be surprised by the answer. It’s a special kind of product – the one that everyone can create and that won’tt cost you or your audience ANY moolah. Yet it has the power to influence people in ways you couldn’t even imagine. Here’s where I’m coming from: IClick to read

The Only Pinterest Post you need to read. Seriously.

The next time I see another Pinterest post I’m going to punch someone in the face. This platform is so over-hyped it’s not even funny anymore. I remember when Foursquare was the talk in town, and people were RAVING about this new gamechanger that was going to KILL Facebook. Yeah, right. Last time I checked,Click to read

Fuck Freedom. Why limits help you create much better work faster

Hello digital crusader. This post is about why limits help your work, and how you can use limits to create kick-ass, if not outstanding stuff. Here’s the truth: When you have all the freedom in the world to create what you want, you almost never create anything, especially not now. The more choices you have,Click to read