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JK Rowling’s Terrible Branding Mistake (and What You Can Learn From it)

Jk Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter empire and arguably one of the most successful authors of our time, has committed a terrible mistake that drastically trashed, or at least severely tarnished, her reputation. What she did ( mind you, she’s a billionaire, so it won’t hurt, at least not on the financial level) is a perfect

What a Double D Bra Sized Woman Taught Me About Experimenting Online

Warning > this post does NOT include “50 shades of Grey” style soft porn (except for the image above). dfldjfldf I rather want to share a lesson with you that you can use for failing successfully online. A few weeks ago, after watching this epic little talk about how emotions are the single most important

Why You Need a Killer SMP if You Want to Hit Your (Customer) Target

You have heard of the term USP – unique selling proposition. It’s what makes you and your brand unique – the reason why people should choose you over someone else. Claro. But what the heck is the SMP ? Well, it can stand  for a sub-machine pistol, a deadly weapon that hits people automatic-style. Rattatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatattttttatat.

The Biggest Mistake in My Whole Online Career (And How You Can Avoid it)

My peers told me all along. I wouldn’t listen. I would say “Yeah yeah, I know” but I didn’t listen. I knew better. Or so I thought. I deserve to be PUNCHED triple-hadoken-style for not doing what I should have done a looooonog-ass while ago. I wasted the better half of two years, blogging my

How the Outstander Will Rock Your World ! (He’s here)

Well well – it’s finally here. You know how ENDLESSLY I talk about standing out online if you want to be successful –  you know that ze competition is INSANE, and since the web is global, you HAVE TO COMPETE AGAINST THE WHOLE FUCKING  WORLD ! If you don’t know how to stand out and differentiate

The 2 Choices You CAN’T Ignore if You Want to Succeed in the Future

I drew this cartoon above because of my upcoming launch next week. The guy in the cartoon thinks that slamming a cat video on his sales page, something that’s popular and viral-worthy, will be enough to get massive sales. It’s a common problem that most online creators (who produce services, products & content) get wroooong.

Join my insider book list

Get notified about my new book releases, free advance copies, and cover sneak peeks.