How the Outstander Will Rock Your World ! (He’s here)

Well well – it’s finally here. You know how ENDLESSLY I talk about standing out online if you want to be successful –  you know that ze competition is INSANE, and since the web is global, you HAVE TO COMPETE AGAINST THE WHOLE FUCKING  WORLD ! If you don’t know how to stand out and differentiateClick to read

The 2 Choices You CAN’T Ignore if You Want to Succeed in the Future

I drew this cartoon above because of my upcoming launch next week. The guy in the cartoon thinks that slamming a cat video on his sales page, something that’s popular and viral-worthy, will be enough to get massive sales. It’s a common problem that most online creators (who produce services, products & content) get wroooong.Click to read

Why Killer Competition is The Bazooka Boost for Your Biz

People always whine about competition: “Booo, so many are offering what I’m offering. It’s so crowded (in my market). Mommmeee, plz help me !” I say : Leave your mom alone.  Competition is GOOOD. In fact, it’s the best thing that can happen to your biz. Competition – your bestest advisor Think about it. WhenClick to read

Asking You – How to Solve One of The Biggest Problems Online

Normally, I’d just put up a pretty edutaining cartoon and then add my marketing/biz rants, but this time, I want to do something different… I have recently made an interesting discovery. Working with many clients from all over the world, you’d expect to get different questions and feedback. Different pokes from different folks, no ? No.Click to read

The Best-Selling Product in the World

Whatever you think it is, you may be surprised by the answer. It’s a special kind of product – the one that everyone can create and that won’tt cost you or your audience ANY moolah. Yet it has the power to influence people in ways you couldn’t even imagine. Here’s where I’m coming from: IClick to read