Do You Really Need to Brand Yourself to Sell Your Stuff ?

Damn. My “JK Rowling’s Terrible Branding Mistake (and What You Can Learn From it)” caused quite the wild fire. It gathered over 50 comments and sparked a fired-up discussion. The main idea of the post is that JK Rowling did a mistake by going totally against what she stood before and wrote a new bookClick to read

Why You Need a Killer SMP if You Want to Hit Your (Customer) Target

You have heard of the term USP – unique selling proposition. It’s what makes you and your brand unique – the reason why people should choose you over someone else. Claro. But what the heck is the SMP ? Well, it can stand  for a sub-machine pistol, a deadly weapon that hits people automatic-style. Rattatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatattttttatat.Click to read

How the Outstander Will Rock Your World ! (He’s here)

Well well – it’s finally here. You know how ENDLESSLY I talk about standing out online if you want to be successful –  you know that ze competition is INSANE, and since the web is global, you HAVE TO COMPETE AGAINST THE WHOLE FUCKING  WORLD ! If you don’t know how to stand out and differentiateClick to read