How They Take Away Your Freedom

It’s funny – I wanted to write a blog post about creativity & freedom, and then the surveillance scandal leaked through. Rather than ranting about it, I want to show you the importance of (creative) freedom and how easily it can, and WILL be taken away from you. Let me make this claim : FreedomClick to read

Why the Good of Today are the Homeless of Tomorrow

There’s a disturbing trend going on, and I don’t think you realize how it much it will affect your creative career. Most (digital) creatives, including me, have a distorted view on how creating good work leads to equally good pay. That’s a myth as real as Santa Claus, the story of the Bible and other famousClick to read

You Suck

Not just a linkbait headline. I seriously mean it. If you’re not wealthy by your chosen profession, if you’re not regarded as a top leader in your field, if your peers don’t want to lick you alive, you suck. Because there’s no middle-ground anymore. There’s no good enough anymore. I know, this sucks. I knowClick to read