5 Ways How Reading Fiction Makes You More Successful (Online)

Cover image my moi, Mr. Mars Dorian Book “Before you quit writing…” by Dave Ursillo and his writing tribe I’m the first one to admit it – I never read many books during my teen years. I’d swap a tome for a game or comic anytime. But then something crazy happened… I grew up, andClick to read

How They Take Away Your Freedom

It’s funny – I wanted to write a blog post about creativity & freedom, and then the surveillance scandal leaked through. Rather than ranting about it, I want to show you the importance of (creative) freedom and how easily it can, and WILL be taken away from you. Let me make this claim : FreedomClick to read

Why the Good of Today are the Homeless of Tomorrow

There’s a disturbing trend going on, and I don’t think you realize how it much it will affect your creative career. Most (digital) creatives, including me, have a distorted view on how creating good work leads to equally good pay. That’s a myth as real as Santa Claus, the story of the Bible and other famousClick to read

You Suck

Not just a linkbait headline. I seriously mean it. If you’re not wealthy by your chosen profession, if you’re not regarded as a top leader in your field, if your peers don’t want to lick you alive, you suck. Because there’s no middle-ground anymore. There’s no good enough anymore. I know, this sucks. I knowClick to read