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How to brand yourself like “Die Antwoord”

The day BoingBoing’s Xeni Jardin published an article about “Die Antwoord” was the day that changed it all: A strange, trash hip-hopish band from South Africa that has been pulled out from the depths of obscurity straight into the limelight of the web. The impact was overwhelming, and internet fame hit faster than the speedClick to read

The state of mind you need to rock the web galaxy

Your failures, your memories, your sorrows – right in this very moment, it’s already past – dust that’s lost in the wind. It’s time to move on, to shine, to create a destiny that’s branded by your existence. And the only thing that determines your destiny is… YOUR STATE OF MIND There’s a certain delusionalClick to read

The Only Religion That Matters !

„And the Internet said, let there be online access: and there was online access. And the Internet saw the online access, that it was good: and divided the connection from the darkness.“ The holy Ebook, Mars Dorian Version Where’s God ? The eternal question, the first question mankind ever asked, the question you ask yourselfClick to read

Introducing a New Form Of Web X-perience !

Hello, fellow online crusaders ! I’m proudly introducing the Blog Module Week, a unique program that will give YOU, dear reader, the ultimate info-taining knowledge you need for total online domination ! The program consists of 1 module each weekday that will cover a specific part of online entrepreneurship, Monday to Friday, plus rare weekendClick to read

The Ultimate Online Brand Idea

Our beautiful planet hosts some powerful fusions: Time Magazine + Warner Brothers = Time Warner Richard Branson + Desmond Tutu = the Elders Ooze + turtles = Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles But they’re nothing compared to the ultimate merger: Your person + your brand = your life That’s right. Forget about separating your brand fromClick to read

Whatever you think, think the opposite

I recently watched a quick 6 minute video story on that gave me  i-n-s-p-i-r-a-t-i-o-n in a major way. Let’s jump straight into action : A Japanese is in the US and approaches an American. “Excuse me, sir, what is the name of that block ?” The American “Well, the street name is Warren street.”Click to read

The one thing that every small business should do

The shame plane is flying around the net, and it’s making me want to cringe inside. What do I see ? Small businesses acting like big, faceless corporations. Why, why, oh why ? Your small business can be one epic holiday ride; an eternal celebration of authentic human interaction. But instead you’re “robotizing” it; blowingClick to read

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Get notified about my new book releases, free advance copies, and cover sneak peeks.