The one thing that every small business should do

The shame plane is flying around the net, and it’s making me want to cringe inside. What do I see ? Small businesses acting like big, faceless corporations. Why, why, oh why ? Your small business can be one epic holiday ride; an eternal celebration of authentic human interaction. But instead you’re “robotizing” it; blowingClick to read

Why you need an edge

The edge. I love that word. In fact, I love it so much I want to marry it. Everyone’s invited to the wedding. Hurray ! Now back to business. Being edgy means you’re standing out – enriching our world with your remarkable existence. It means you’re daring, provocative and/or setting a trend. Being edgy it’sClick to read

6 reasons why true passion will rock your life

PASSION The purest form of creation. The eternal fountain that never dries out. The closest connection between you and God. Passion is a powerful force that let’s you create outstanding work. It’s the holy elixir that’s accessible to every human being, regardless of age, gender and social status. Yet most people are afraid to tapClick to read

A great way to create something remarkable

There are a million of ways to be more creative. Today, I’m going to spare you all of them. Today, I’m just going to give you one simple sentence that could make all the difference. BLOW ME AWAY ! Remember these words, and whatever you do will be creative. Blown away, Mars Dorian

Welcome To My World

Hello world. Spouses. Kids. Agents of Change. Fans. Mutual revolutionaries. I’m so excited. This blog is my newborn child, and I promise you I will take good care of it. And even though it is still very young at this stage, it has massive plans for world domination. Kind of. is the eternal playgroundClick to read

This Will Help You Create Your Brand

There you are. You have a blog, your (online) business and maybe a handful of products/services you want the world to marvel at. With that comes enough passion to light up the northern stratosphere. A shiny rocket, ready for take-off. There’s only one tiny itzy-bitzy problem. You have no clue what your brand is about.Click to read

Why You Need A Logo

Remember this one ? You may not like it, but you know what it stands for. Even if Alzheimer infests your brain, it will never erase those golden arches from your memory. You know what a logo is. It’s your desired brand meaning manifested in the form of a symbol. Logos are powerful beings;  theyClick to read