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If there’s one thing you have to be, it’s this…

You read it throughout the web – gazillions of new blogs and websites are entering the digital realm – more and more people hunger for their piece of the web. The online world is filled with masses of personal brands, and it’s getting more crowded by the second. What does this mean for you ?

How to Take your Personal Brand one Level Higher !

Hello Revoluzzers ! Today is an awesome day, and it’s awesome because I’m making changes here – core changes. I want to take my blog to a new branding level, and I want build a great community. Action is going to be my main mantra from now on, and I will hustle each and every

Fail Forward Fast or Kiss Your Ass Goodbye !

The secret to success ? Triple your failure rate ! Anonymous online mogul I used to be trapped in the mind of a perfectionist; I worked forever on my projects, and I started shipping them when it was almost too late. It’s a terrible state to be in, and that’s why I’ve gotten rid of

Why YOU really Need a Logo !

Hello my Revoluzzer ! This post is a request from Damien who’s rocking He wants to know a kick-ass way to make a logo, and I bet you all want to, right ? I luv, luv and double-luv my own logo. It’s simple, it’s black and red and if it’s the last thing I

7 ways to Blog Yourself to Branding Heaven

It’s weekend, ladies and gentlemen, yeah ! Wait, wait a minute. Since we’re all webreneurs, shouldn’t every day be like weekend ? Well, sort of. But old habits are hard to get rid of, right ? To hell with it. Only a branded weekend is a good weekend, and that’s why I’ll brand your mind

Answer This Question And Find Out IF Your Brand has Star Potential !

A short warning: A vicious cold invaded my body, and it’s vaporizing my forces of creativity ! Sneeeeeeeeeeeeeeze, cough cough….cough…sorry for that. Nevertheless, even with only 1% of my remaining creativity, I can still make an inspirational ruckus. A long long time ago, I’ve read a post from the marvellous Seth Godin, and although it

The Xia Xue Guide to Brilliant Branding

Let’s face it, Most brands in the web galaxy are boring, and I mean boring as heck. They lack the fire, the awesomeness; that special something that makes your eyes shine like stardust. Those brands play it safe, too safe, and are on the verge of eternal oblivion. It seriously hurts my brain and saddens

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Get notified about my new sci-fi book releases, free advance copies, and cover sneak peeks.