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The Xia Xue Guide to Brilliant Branding

Let’s face it, Most brands in the web galaxy are boring, and I mean boring as heck. They lack the fire, the awesomeness; that special something that makes your eyes shine like stardust. Those brands play it safe, too safe, and are on the verge of eternal oblivion. It seriously hurts my brain and saddens

How To Increase Your Brand Value, and Why You Can Not Screw This One Up !

Building a remarkable online brand comes with many challenges,true, but some are more important than others, and I mean: Much more important. Today, I want to help you strengthen your brand essence – the aura of your digital being. And with that I mean your… Reputation Consider this your blood flow and oxygen, and the

What’s Your Mission ?

I’m on a mission. I want to make the world more creative, one idea at a time. This blog is the start of my creative crusade. I will inspire and help my fellow humans, and turn this decent world into a magical one. It’s the core essence of my digital soul, it’s the Karma that

Why YOU Should Be Small and Think Imperial !

“Ai” is the Japanese word for love, and it happens to sound like the English “I”. So it means Love Empire, but sounds like I Empire, which results in I Love Empire. And that’s today’s motto. It used to be cool to be big Big, super-corporations that branded themselves into your consciousness by squandering millions

Why YOUR Brand Changes the World

They can be great people, Kal-El, if they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all…their capacity for good… I have sent them YOU, my only son. Jor El, Superman I have never liked Superman, because I never believed in perfection. Humans are imperfect by nature,

Your Blog, Your WORLD ?

The web world is changing faaast, right ? A space ship moving at the speed of light. It’s awesome, it’s agile and you have to keep up with it. Don’t sweat my friend, it’s easy peasey. Blogging is dead, long live the NEW way of blogging. Is your blog “just” a blog ? Do you

Why YOU should be delusional !

“If I had my own world I’d build you an empire From here to the far lands spread love like violence” Secret Crowds, Angels and Airwaves I am going to do amazing things with this Blog, yep, it’s going to be marvelous – but I can’t tell you right now, not yet, because it’s still

Join my insider book list

Get notified about my new book releases, free advance copies, and cover sneak peeks.