Why YOU should be delusional !

“If I had my own world I’d build you an empire From here to the far lands spread love like violence” Secret Crowds, Angels and Airwaves I am going to do amazing things with this Blog, yep, it’s going to be marvelous – but I can’t tell you right now, not yet, because it’s stillClick to read

Gary Vaynerchuk For A Day !

I’m Mars Dorian, the creator of this blog. But for a day, I’m pretending to be Gary Vaynerchuk. Hello my Vayner Stars, I’m Gary V and I’m going to totally dominate you with this post. You may know me, I’m the host of “The Thunder Show” -The coolest wine show in the galaxy ! AndClick to read

How to Maximize the Impact of your Brand

Yeah ! It’s Brand Thursday my friends, and that means “brand talk” until the end of time (or the end of this post) ! Hey, at least I warned you. I’m Mars Dorian, and I’m totally obsessed with branding – I read, smell and digest everything that’s even remotely related to the B-Word. If IClick to read

The Online World needs YOU !

There’s one thing, and really only one thing you can – no, you MUST do to in order create a one of kind online blog/business. You have to… Unleash your inner freak Be the real you, the raw, unabridged version of YOU. The part of you that illuminates the world with a remarkable aura that’sClick to read

How to brand yourself like “Die Antwoord”

The day BoingBoing’s Xeni Jardin published an article about “Die Antwoord” was the day that changed it all: A strange, trash hip-hopish band from South Africa that has been pulled out from the depths of obscurity straight into the limelight of the web. The impact was overwhelming, and internet fame hit faster than the speedClick to read

The state of mind you need to rock the web galaxy

Your failures, your memories, your sorrows – right in this very moment, it’s already past – dust that’s lost in the wind. It’s time to move on, to shine, to create a destiny that’s branded by your existence. And the only thing that determines your destiny is… YOUR STATE OF MIND There’s a certain delusionalClick to read

The Only Religion That Matters !

„And the Internet said, let there be online access: and there was online access. And the Internet saw the online access, that it was good: and divided the connection from the darkness.“ The holy Ebook, Mars Dorian Version Where’s God ? The eternal question, the first question mankind ever asked, the question you ask yourselfClick to read