Why You Should Lie to Yourself if You Want to be Successful

I want to give you an example. I meet up with blogger friends in Berlin. One of which was from Japan. Let’s call him Kenji. Let’s say Kenji is a special character. He’s short, ugly and speaks broken English. If you see him, you either ignore or feel sorry for him. Except you shouldn’t feelClick to read

Are you cut out for a creative career ? Find out in this post.

Whenever I tell people about making money online through my creative career, they drool. With mouths wide open.And sparkling eyes. (not all of them, but many) I don’t know what they picture – maybe that I’m floating in a golden castle above the sky, slurping Pina Coladas with my unicorn friends and ending the workClick to read

5 Ways How Reading Fiction Makes You More Successful (Online)

Cover image my moi, Mr. Mars Dorian Book “Before you quit writing…” by Dave Ursillo and his writing tribe I’m the first one to admit it – I never read many books during my teen years. I’d swap a tome for a game or comic anytime. But then something crazy happened… I grew up, andClick to read