Let’s get you the attention & business you deserve

It’s tough out there in the digital world. Thousands over thousands of new, hungry people are entering the online arena everyday.

And all of them fight ferociously for attention.

Needless to say, competition is insane, and since you are online, you HAVE TO COMPETE AGAINST THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD ! If you don’t know how to stand out, you will vanish into oblivion.

There’s hope on the horizon.

Enter the Outstander Coaching.

It’s for you if you’re: a freelancer, blogger, solopreneur and/or a creative small business owner that uses the web as their main marketing platform.

The coaching is designed to help YOU build a compelling online brand that is attractive to a specific crowd that loves to make business with you (which translates to buying your stuff)

Every tactic I reveal to you is based on my experience, so I tested it many times and it works.

“Mars is a true original and understands branding better than almost any marketer or blogger I’ve worked with.” Corbett Barr | CEO of ThinkTraffic.net

Soo, let me introduce myself here quick: I’m Mars Dorian, a creative webpreneur who has spent years designing & helping people brand themselves online (From the far easts of Asia to the States).

I have been featured by ThinkTraffic, Grow Blog, fluentin3months.com, Alltop, Mark Schaefer, Blogcast FM, Julien Smith, Chris Brogan, Johnny B. Truant among many other top online platforms & A-listers.

Believe me, this was hard-ass work, and I actually had to spend my earlier years staying at my mom’s place before my biz took off, haha.

But hey, who gives a damn – what’s really important is that my advice has helped people successful online presences that attracted the right customers and got talked about.

When you work with me, you can expect the following results after our session(s):

  • be clear about what you & your brand stands for
  • create buzz around your brand
  • stand out, even in overcrowded markets, like a naked person with a red feather on the face
  • know how to present yourself (and your brand), especially if you offer multiple skills
  • target the right people that will love to do business with you
  • get interviewed worldwide
In short – I help awesome peeps like you build a successful creative online biz, so that you can live & work on your OWN terms.

…not a month passed since I put Mars’ tips in practice and a local newspaper did a feature on my three week old blog.” Daniel | daniel-marin.com

Outstander coaching will rock your online presence & projects :

Here are a handful of ways I can specifically help you (all real examples of my past clients):

  • Build a list of thousands of engaged subscribers through email and RSS subscriptions.
  • Get your business or product mentioned by hundreds of bloggers and community leaders.
  • Develop and launch digital products/services that people will actually buy and use.
  • Ensure customers stick around with a website design
  • Get web & traditional media coverage
  • Build a team of A-list mentors who will actively help you succeed
  • Save time by focusing on the social media strategies that actually WORK
  • Amplify your message with the few social media tactics that actually work.
  • Make income from your existing platforms without alienating fans (no sleazy-shadow tactics required)
  • Double or even triple online traffic to your blog, website, or landing page.

“Just one of Mars’s suggestions doubled my newsletter signups.”
Mike Reeves-McMillan | hypno.co.nz


How my Outstander Coaching works :

I offer two consulting packages that suit your needs –

Each package contains one or more 60-minute, 1-on-1 consulting sessions. If possible, sessions will be done via Skype  – to make it more personal and face-to-face.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Once you purchase one of the packages below, I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule our first session.
  2. I’ll also send over the most important questions before our session –  I want to know as much as possible about your goals & project(s) so we can get right down to business in the first few minutes.
  3. We’ll carry out our action-packed, 60-minute consulting session at a time that fits us both.
  4. After each session, I’ll leave you with a summary and action-packed steps you can take right away !

Let’s help you stand out and get the attention you deserve.

The Firestarter ($120 ) This package includes an intense single 1-on-1 session (60 mins) where we get your site rolling . Ask me any question, and I’ll help you get your online presence to the NEXT level. You will receive doable steps at the end of the session that you can take right away.

Click the “order now” button below to get the Single Outstander Session:

Impact Maker
( $330 ) This package includes 3 intense sessions (each 60 mins ~ 180 mins total !) with unlimited email support during the period (!). You can ask me whatever you need to know, and I’ll additionally support you email wise. This is a big bonus when ordering this 3 x combo. We keep your momentum going and make sure that you make progress.

Click the “order now” button below to get the 3 Outstander Session combo:


Contact me if you have any questions!

Here’s how I helped my clients:

“In just one hour, Mars gave me the push and clear steps that helped me organize my ideas and structure a blog that not only makes me feel proud to publish, but helps me as much as it helps my readers.  Actually…not a month passed since I put Mars’ tips in practice and a local newspaper did a feature on my three week old blog.” Daniel | daniel-marin.com



I wasn’t sure about Mars when we first started talking. I remember watching a video on his site where he branded his sweatshirts and I thought “this guy might be a bit out there”. Once I sat down and really talked with Mars, his enthusiasm, passion, and expertise spilled over and I was left with some immediately feasible items and fire to rev up my brand personality for weeks to come.Robert Granholm | itarsenal.com

“As we talked, he was able to help me identify my story.Now let me tell you, this man has a gift. If you are still struggling to find your voice or branding,
I’d recommend going to him!”
David Crandall | heroicdestiny.com, Blogcast FM  



“Mars gave me some excellent advice for some big holes in my site that have definitely been holding me back from getting more popular. His ideas are fun and make psychological sense in the context of what people think when they look at your website.
Talk to him and he’ll help turn your website from a simple blog to a platform to spread your digital influence!”
Benny, the Irish Polyglot | fluentin3months.com


“I’ve known Mars for only a few months now and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if within the next 5 years he owns the net. Authentic? Check. Passionate? You bet. If you’re looking to up your online brand look no further than Mars Dorian. Take one look at his Twitter interaction and you’ll know he’s the real deal.”
Bud Hennekes | aboundlessworld.com