What the hex is the Attack Planet?

What the hex is the Attack Planet?

It is done. After months of working my face off, and endless hours of editing, I’ve created my second sci-fi novel–Attack Planet.
Read the description below to see what it’s about…

Militarized startups rule the colonized planet Fortuna.
No problem for country boy Flint, until his mother gets shot by raiders and lands in hospital. To cope with the disastrous medical costs, Flint enlists in the battle startup industry to get rich in the planet’s number one private industry—warfare.

Flint has to survive the training, and his zealous squad:
An exoskeleton-loving super soldier, an anti-human eco sniper, and a pro-robot warhipster. Not to mention the veteran instructor with his humor-based torture training and the anime AI that pitches Flint overpriced firearms even during his sleep. Sounds tough, until Flint learns about his enemies—the dangerously degenerate scavages that threaten his existence.

On his crusade to earn money for his mother, Flint discovers the dark secrets behind the planet’s origin. Because on Fortuna, nothing is what it really seems…

If that sounds interesting to you, click on the link below and get it on Amazon for only $2.99.

click here to get ‘Attack Planet’ on Amazon

  • http://ken-carroll.com/start-content-business/ Ken Carroll

    Well done, Mars. That’s a huge amount of work. I’ll check it out.

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