Why You Must Predict the Near Future If You Want to Survive and Thrive

In this post, I’m going to tell you how I think you can predict ze near future,
and why it’s super-important if you want to survive and even thrive as a creative content producer.

Here’s where I’m coming from :

In 2012, I did a lot of mistakes, 99% of which I did not regret, because I was
experimenting like a mad scientist (no animals were harmed ).
But there’s one thing I DO regret :

The inability to spot emerging trends.

And to be clear :

The lazy syndrome of following what my peers are doing instead of seeing where the online game heads next.

I was reacting instead of acting, which cost me a lot of money.
(insert *face smack* here) (*__* )!

Here are just a couple of things I started wayyyyyyy too late :

  • Starting a blog in 2010 when I should have done it at least 3 years earlier. Ungh.
  • selling a PDF guide in 2012 although PDF guides are on their way out (responsive, anyone ?)
  • not getting into the Kindle Publishing business which I should have started 2 years ago.

In short, I overslept important trends and shoot myself in the fiscal foot. It hurt, and I’m still bleeding dollars. But hopefully…no moa !

You see, the web world is moving and faster with every passing year. If you don’t keep
with it, you’ll have to spend your time coping with upcoming challenges.
But as a (creative) entrepreneur, you don’t want to spend your life “coping” with things.
That’s the surest way to flush your future down the toilet. Wosh.

So why even bother ? Why ze häck would you want to predict ze future ?

Here are just a couple of important reasons why you should start predicting now :

  • become the first in your (mini) field and snap your first mover’s advantage

  • be prepared when the economical shit hits the fan (and somewhere, someplace, shit always hits the fan !) = more crisis resistant

  • create (art) work that stands out and has no initial competition (by the time you get competition, you are well established not to fear it )

See ? Predicting the near future is all about staying relevant and building yourself a lucrative
future while others keep reacting and losing out. You get the get the cake and they suck on the crumbs.
And crumbs neither fill up your stomach nor your wallet !

If you want to be successful, you need to predict the near future, at least to an extent, to know where you should focus your precious time on.

You need to see how people are going to consume content, what kind of content they consume, and what kind of content you should be producing (and content meaning design, blog posts and stories and eproducts).

Don’t panic.

You don’t need some shiny crystal ball to do it, only a minor part of your brain (remember that wobbly thing in your head ?) and a bit of creativity/curiosity.

I have done a lot of personal research (read: glued my eyes to my shiny Macbook screen
and soaked up everything about psychology / news / technology) and came
to an interesting discovery – a single word that allows me to predict partially
the near near future….

and that my dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, is one single word called :


Yep, you heard that right.

Nature is lazy. It wants to achieve the maximum result with the least effort. We are nature,
thus we are lazy. I believe a major aspect of becoming future-resistant is to see how technology responds to our laziness.

If you look at all the incredible inventions we made, you can see it clearly :



1)Horses  2) Cars  3) Driverless cars  4) teleportation ?

1) High maintenance. Unreliable. Slow. Uncomfortable.

2) Medium maintenance. Relatively reliable.

3) No need to drive (good for minors, intoxicated, disabled, physically unfit). Safe.

4) Superfast. Safe. No maintenance. Not yet invented.



1) highly qualified workforce 1)outsource to cheap countries 3)robots

1) Effective, but high maintenance. Bureaucratic and cost-intensive.

2) Cheaper and less bureaucratic, but still needs oversight and control.

3) Super-cheap in the near future. Works 24/7. Doesn’t need health care.
Reliable. Efficient. Never complains. Never revolts (unless we build Skynet)


1) Traditional publishing 2) indie-publishing through third party 3) 100%indie publishing

1) You need publishing permission from a big gatekeeper, who owns your right and controls your career.

About 15 % – 20% profit for each book sold.  (major hassle)

2) You can publish yourself, but you rely on a market place (Amazon, Apple etc.) and still share profits.

About 30% – 70% profit for each book sold. (minor hassle)

3) You can publish yourself, without needing a market place. Tools will be built that allow you

to reach your audience all by yourself.

About 80% – 100% profit for each book sold. (no hassle)



scriptures – physical books – ereaders – Google glasses – interactive contact lenses
Why ?

Books are bulky and heavy. AND – not good for older people with bad sight. Ereader ? Light, effective, can carry up to thousands of books, comes with adjustable fonts and font size and much more. It’s the lazy man’s choice.

Then : Google glasses. Forget about the bulky phone in your pants. Touch and swipe ? Too much effort, you can

talk to your Google glasses and update, search, buy, photograph everything by voice command.

Then : Interactive contact lenses. Just like Google glasses, but you don’t have to wear that weird thing on your nose. It’s invisibly on your eye, allowing you digitally connect with everyone and anything, and yeah, even read text and watch movies whenever you want to.

Conclusion :

Everything that supports and caters to our inborn laziness is future-sustainable. Nothing stays the same. Every person with free internet access will be able to build their own media empire, getting up to 100% of the profit.

Every gatekeeper will eventually lose out, as gatekeeping always equals extra effort, and nature doesn’t like extra effort.

The more you familiarize yourself with the future, the better you can (financially)
prepare yourself for it. That’s why you should ask yourself :

What supports our inborn laziness ?

What’s a better / faster / quicker way to do it ?

If you look at “lazy” trends, you can see where you should spend your creative working time on.

  • You will see that stiff PDFs will be out-matched by lean website-based formats like epub.
  • You will see that digital content creation will become and more important profitable thanx to mobile reading technology
  • You will see that being an entrepreneurial content producer will be more sustainable than being a freelancer

And if you need reading, I dare you to frequently look up blogs like these :

www.wired.com – new and developing technology affects culture, the economy, and politics.
www.io9.com – scientific and pop-culture tech entertainment
www.fastcompany.com  – online mag about innovative business, design and creation processes

All of these blogs are fairly entertaining to the non-geek while offering a diverse range
of future-related content.

No matter if you’re online biz builder, author, artist or musician, you should occasionally read these blogs,
as they include innovation and upcoming trends that you should pay attention to.

What are your thoughts on predicting the near future, and you have tips and recommendations to do it effectively ?

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  • Joe Leech

    NIce insight Mars. I like your interactive contact lenses prediction.. why should I have to hold my phone like a pleb!
    What about video content over written, or as well as written? Watching and listening is much easier than reading..
    But can written words ever be replaced..

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      yeah, you’re right, but reading will probably never go out of place, because
      Listening an watching is passive, and it feels unsatisfying if it’s all you do.
      Reading engages, if it appeals to you, because A)
      you can do it at your own speed (you can’t listen / watch slowly),
      you brain gets activated because you have to DO the reading, which
      makes it appear as if you’re accomplishing and achieving something.
      (you hear people say it all the time – I’m halfway through the book, or I have read 40% of the book so far.)
      More importantly, I think it will all mesh together.

  • Annabel Candy

    Vlogging Mars – that’s one growing trend I’ve been trying to jump on for years and (so far) failed at due to laziness. You would be great at that!

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      yeah, I tried that too, but I didn’t feel too comfortable. Believe it or not, I prefer to work behind the scenes. Good to see you again, Annabel ,)

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