Want to Ship Your Work But Keep Procrastinating ? Here’s the Punch Line You Need

If you’re anything like me, you probably postpone your “releases” all the time:

You have a product & service you want to launch, and you say to yourself – one more day, week or month, and THEN

But right now – you can’t ship it, because it’s not perfect yet.

Yeah, right. You’re so full of shit.

Obviously, the best time to launch your work was yesterday, and everything later is a cheap-ass excuse.

Fact is – procrastination is holding you hostage, hindering you to ship the work the world needs to see NOW.

But don’t hang yourself yet – I have a line, a mantra, for you, and it can rid you of that devastating mindset. It certainly helped me.


The single line that can help you squeeze procrastination’s nuts

Here’s something interesting:

Do you know how long Google Gmail was in Beta ?
(in case you don’t know – beta means a product is still unfinished and needs more testing)

Over 5 fucking years !

Pardon my German, but that is quite the revelation for any creative out there – yesss, I mean YOU.

5 years in testing phase, but they still shipped it out into the world, gathering millions and millions and millions of users. And improving it along the way !

If a giant corp. like Google can release an unfinished product in the world, so can you ! Because they have EVERYTHING to lose (millions of customers), and YOU don’t (unless your customer base consists of millions of people).

They, like many other businesses, incorporate something that I call “Forever in beta“, meaning, you’re always tweaking and making your product(s) better, while shipping it at the SAME time. It’s a beautiful concept, because it rids you of the sickness of being a perfectionist (and it’s really a sickness).

Because Forever in beta means you’re never FINISHED, EVER, so you might as well SHIP your product NOW, since you’re going to tweak it anyways. Just like the unfinished sketch above, everything you do is (art)work-in-progress, and the faster you ship it, the faster you get feedback + the faster you can tweak it.

So whenever the nasty procrastinitis is holding your brain hostage (which is probably most of the time), and you want to give yourself one more (day/week/month), SAY THIS OUT LINE OUT LOUD:

“Better forever in Beta”

And you will start shipping as if Seth Godin himself was kicking your ass !

Don’t postpone this – share the shit out of this post now !

  • Sujin Kim

    Haha, that sounds pretty cool – better, forever in beta – I like the sound of it.

    But what do you do if you sell physical products ? Once you ship it, you can’t tweak it anymore !

    Advice ?

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Goood question – if your physical products aren’t that big (car-sized,
      I think the same line still applies – you send it out when it’s GOOD enough, not perfect, not epic, but GOOD enough, and then you send it away, while thinking about how you can make the next one BETTER !

      Unless you are sending stuff that’s life saving, you should always focus on releasing your products. If something goes wrong, you can always help the customer out, send a replacement or offer a another compensation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tommydarker Tommy Darker

    Ok, I like this. I believe there is a huge problem if you don’t start. I’ve been there myself.

    You know what? Nothing went wrong, and it just an unpaid project that I started to help musicians out.

    Now, I’m building my brand, and I’ll go for it from day one. With a paid product and subscribtion-based business model. The article you had written about NOT having built a flagship product has helped me a lot as well.

    Thanks :)

  • http://www.adventurous-soul.com/ Shayna

    I sell 30-day courses which I’m creating as I launch them. People pay and register, and I create the course as I go along, sending each new lesson to the customers as it’s ready (I try to get a few days’ head start just so I’m not completely sweating bullets the whole month…) Afterwards the customers give me feedback which helps me tweak and improve the now-completed course, so that it’s even better when I re-release it as version 2.0!

    It’s terrifying and exhausting, but there’s no greater motivation to get stuff done than knowing that people have already paid for it :-p

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