What a Double D Bra Sized Woman Taught Me About Experimenting Online

Warning > this post does NOT include “50 shades of Grey” style soft porn (except for the image above).


I rather want to share a lesson with you that you can use for failing successfully online.

A few weeks ago, after watching this epic little talk about how emotions are the single most important

factor in sales that almost made me come a little, I changed my rock-solid landing page (read: fucking boring)

to something more…edgy. The talk taught me to INFUSE more emotion-evoking mechanics,

you know, using STRONG words and emotional language so you have to act on my calls to actions…

(insert evil laughter here).

Since I’m all about standing out online (branding + marketing + kick-ass visuals), I used a boob-blessed

anime character, luring YOU (the innocent visitor) seductively into the main sales copy of my branding guide.

I patted myself on the back:

“Brilliantly done, Mars. You’re the A of the Z” and thought I got hot burner on my hands…well…

The result was…rather interesting to say the least.

First, here’s just some of the feedback people fired back at me (paraphrased by me):

“Mars, stop being so cheap. It’s degrading and overused by the media. Don’t fall to their level.”

“Cool idea with the woman, I love that. I should do something like this on my own site.”

“It fits you”

“Makes me think I’m visiting a Japanese porn site”

“Now that’s a landing page that I’m actually going to read”

“Women are NOT going to like that.”

I even had someone so disgusted by the landing page that he wanted a return for the Outstander guide, mmm, interesting.

As you can see, few people actually luved it to bits and pieces, claiming that they enjoyed the edgy humor, while

others (not to say most) labeled it as misogynistic and trite. I personally thought it was a nifty little idea –

using that sexistic style in a different context that’s related to my product. I made a few sales that day I went live, but

very few since then, so it probably wasn’t edgy & different as I wanted it to be, haha.

Hey – that’s how the game goes – you crash and burn, and rise from the ashes. With new-found knowledge.

But I can tell you one thing – I’m soo much smarter than I was last week – especially about the way I see my community.

Good Seth Godin got it right (that bastard is almost always right. One fine day, Seth, I’ll prove you wrong ;) :

The way to be successful online today is by doing lots of little failures – not anything BIG that can blow you out of the game, but things that are important enough so you can learn something incredible from them. The lesson you learn can be applied to your next idea and project.

How to fail-experiment first ( so you can be successful later )

Here’s a nifty little formula I now use to test drive my experiments:

“edgy” idea+ immediate feedback = faster way to remarkable success.

So the first part is probably laser-shiny clear: you have to come up with an idea that’s a bit out there.

The only way to test your limits of your (business) comfort zone is to see how far you can go. So, go create

a landing page that’s totally different from your market, offer a service that no one offers, try a complete different

color design for your site.

You obviously DON’T want to mess up your brand – whatever edgy idea you come up with, it should still

relate to your brand meaning. A preacher infusing saucy images into his landing page won’t delight his target audience.

You have to find the PERFECT balance between how far you can go and when you stop it. You’ll do it.


The second part is just as important – you have to get immediate, and I mean IMMEDIATE feedback.

Since you’ll be testing a lot, and you’re doing it fast, you want to get the feedback now. Ask your peers, friends and

clients what they think of your “experiment” – what do they DON’t like about it, what kind of emotion do they associate with it ?

I asked a lot of peeps about my landing page, and I told them to be BRUTALLY, OBNOXIOUSLY-I-WANT-TO-PUNCH-MY-FACE-HONEST. And while my ego got cracks in the obvious places, my always inquiring brain smiled from membrane to membrane.

Take that knowledge from your peeps and tweak your experiment, and then start the next little experiment.


“edgy” idea+ immediate feedback = faster way to remarkable success.

Do that often enough, and you will both create a refreshingly different online brand, and create offers that directly appeal to your target audience. BOOOYA baby.

Now please don’t just nod your lazy-ass head and think “that makes sense.”

Of COURSE it makes fucking sense. But only if you ACTUALLY apply that in REAL LIFE.

Repeat this after me – you have to fail-experiment first SO you can be successful later.

Like, tell me right now which experiment with your online presence you’re going to try out NOW ?

I’m waiting…

And test-share this post with ze people you care about

  • Mauro D’Andrea

    Hi Mars, when I read the title and saw the picture of the woman I thought this post was about emotions or something like that…but I was wrong :)

    I think that the idea you express in this post is a must-know to reach success.
    To experiment is crucial to succeed.

    If you are right, you go toward your goals; if you are wrong you can learn from your mistake.

    For example, in this time I was analyzing the feedbacks I got from my last slideshow.
    I made something right, but I made something else wrong and this teached me some very important lessons.

    As someone said: “If you want to succeed fast, you have to make mistakes fast” (I’m sorry, I don’t remember who said this XD )

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Yesss, making mistakes fast – this is what I’m focusing right now – just getting it OUT there and getting feedback fast – try and adjust ! Since you haven’t anything to lose online, you should jump over your comfort zone. Like you say – your next slideshow is going to be much better since you were testing the waters with your previous ones !

  • http://twitter.com/AmeenaFalchetto Ameena Falchetto

    Umm … sex sells – the big boobs grabbed my attention – it was effective – and I LOVE it – I have been criticized for my drawings of naked chicks on my site and for my use of the term Business Sluttery as apparently it’s demeaning to women – right and I’m what exactly???

    Your site, your rules, your brand – deliciously polarising – awesome Mars!

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      You luv it ? Damn, you’re one of the few…VERY few women who DON’T rip it to pieces, Ameena. I probably lost a bunch of female readers with that action, but I didn’t do it from a discriminating point of view. I just wanted to create something that goes beyond the boring blah blah me-too-landing page.

  • http://youtube.com/user/tommyisastrategist Tommy Walker

    yeah… I clicked because of the boobs… not going to lie. and the rest… yeah, that makes sense. I’m all about big failures though. I like the big failures because when you come out on the other side you’ve learned even bigger lessons, and if you have a giant scar, you look like a badass.

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Haha, some people DO luv it, but many…well, let’s leave it that.
      And you’re absolutely right – failing really makes you better in the long run, that’s why I never regret the things I do. Imagine what crazy & awesome shit we could create if we would fail our faces off ? Jeeeez, I need to crank up the experment-o-meter.

  • http://www.theskooloflife.com Srinivas Rao

    I may be biased, but i love everything you do. I have admit the title with big boobs in it got my attention because I wanted to see what you’d do with it. You know David and I are machines when it comes to conducting experiments. I think the part about feedback is spot on. The thing you have to learn to do is trust your intuition on when to ignore it and proceed regardless.

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Ha, SOME peeps (men in fact, no big surprise here!) actually DID like the landing page and bought some books. But it’s just highly unpopular with the ladies – no big surprise here as well. I’m currently working on another, much BETTER version that will hopefully yield more ass-kicking results, Srini !

      • Linda Wilson

        Good morning, Mars.

        Sorry to butt in, but I’m one of those ‘not like the rest’ women who actually quite liked it. Why?

        Well, could have been because I’m a DD and my first thought was ‘ yippee, someone’s been reading my site!’ Then reality struck home…no-one does that :(

        So I have to admit it was because it was different. I sooo like things that are different. As for failing?

        Hmm – I’m quite good at that. Just haven’t learnt how to do the other side of the equation yet, so can’t comment. Another :(

        And having reviewed some of my posts, I can see there’s a trend towards sex stuff in what I do (not something that immediately springs to mind when you think of Austrians and the Alps – apologies to Austrian readers – I love you all!). So, I must be hoping sex will sell somewhere along the line!

        Off to look round the rest of your site….

        Kind regards,

        • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

          Failing is good as long as you learn from it, Linda, and not making the same mistakes twice. When there are problems with attracting biz, it’s usually because of two things:

          1) Not being clear enough with your offer (do people “get” what value you provide ?)

          2) Having an offer that nobody needs or cares about.

          • Linda Wilson

            Good evening – sorry for the delay in acknowledging your reply. I think I probably fail on number one – not sure how to sort that though.
            KInd regards,

  • Anonymous

    Mars, seriously! I love you! lol. Your writing just makes me want to read and read and read. OK, so I probably agree about the sex thing, it turns more people off now than it used to do, but applause for the experimenting. And, I love your mini formula for world domination… outstanding sir. You just need the James Bond fluffy white car to sit on your lap now :]

    There is one thing that hit home there with regard to your online branding though… the use of emotional words that literally reach into a visitors soul and make them act exactly as you want them to. Bravo!

    • http://www.marsdorian.com MarsDorian

      Holy crap man, you’re back !
      LOOONG time no see my friend, what happened to you man ?
      Glad you’re alive, seriously.
      Yeah, the woman is not everyone’s flavor, but hey, it’s my style, so I have to do what I have to do. Plus, it’s an experiment, and I rather fail with that stuff rather than staying always on the safe, boring side !

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Holy crap, man, Philip, you’re back !
      You seriously got me worried and I thought you were away for good. Looooong time no hear and see, my friend, man, I hope you’re rocking it.
      Yeah, it’s an edgy experiment, but man, that’s what I luv and stand for.
      Let’s connect via email again !

      • http://www.knavesmireit.co.uk/ Phil Johnson

        I know! It’s been a while right?! I think I nearly died or something lol. Anyway, I’m back now, finally! Would be great to connect on the old email thing again!! You can get me on info@knavesmireit.co.uk now :]

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