Why Every Social Media Tip is Keeping You From Becoming Successful

Honestly, I’m sick and tired of all these social media tips that infect the digital world like a viral Aids infection.

You know these suckers because they are impossible to avoid:

  • 10 ways to get more Twitter followers
  • How to get more Facebook fans
  • The “secret” to attracting more traffic NOW
  • This is PURE junk food that satisfies you in the short run but kills you long term. It’s garbage, because it’s centered around the marketing aspect instead of the creation process.

    Let me throw something at your face that I wholeheartedly believe:

    If you are creating fucking boring work, NO social media trick in the world is gonna make up for it.

    Clients ask me ALL the time how to get more followers and traffic, and I always tell them:

    It’s the WRONG question !

    The right question is: how can I create something SOOOO freaking amazingly remarkable that people simply HAVE to share it ?

    If you are a cookie-cutter, boring-ASS blogger or online entrepreneur that’s puking out content that we have seen a THOUSAND times before, why the hell are you sooo DAMAGED IN THE BRAIN to believe you should get more attention ?

    You DON’T deserve it, because you are doing AVERAGE stuff. But because you can not admit that, you waste your time DEVOURING social media tips to get those numbers UP.

    All of this is polishing for average people doing average work.

    Forget about the marketing. Worry about the creation.

    One of my graphic grenades “A Short Visual Guide to Being Fucking Awesome” attracted more than 600+ Facebook shares, and got read by 5000+ people.

    So, how did I market that blog post ?

    Guess what. I didn’t. I only tweeted it once or twice, and then it just took off. Because it was worth talking about.

    Think about it. If Seth Godin decides to go on Twitter, will he need any social media or Twitter tips to get more followers ? Of course not.

    He would get AT LEAST 100,000 followers within the first 24 hours of his sign-up without him having to do A THING.

    Why ? Because he’s busy creating remarkable work that gets talked about.

    I know this is an unfair example, but I had to include it to get my point across:

    If you are doing remarkable work, then you don’t NEED to follow any social media tips whatsoever. You can do whatever THE HELL you want to do, as long as it’s worth talking about, and you’ll get insane attention and followers you DESERVE.

    Hunting for social media tactics is just keeping you away from doing the work.


    Burn this word with the intensity of a thousand suns into your membrane.

    As for me, I’m still far from being super-remarkable myself, but my new project I luv Empire is at least remarkable enough to attract 15,000+ visitors within the first weeks plus a dozens of passionate fan mails. I’m spending not a  single second on marketing, except the occasional tweet.

    Instead, I focus ALL of my precious energy on making it remarkable – refining the style, improving my storytelling skills and cranking up the infotainment factor.

    I know that if I keep trying new stuff, failing a bit along the way, but always aiming for remarkability, I will eventually turn this brand into a viral empire.

    The tools don’t matter. Your work does.

    What to do now

    Do yourself a big favor. Stop reading those useless social media tips. They make you feel good in the short run, but won’t bring you any value in the long run. Focus on creating remarkable work, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to make it happen, and make it easy to share.

    Everything else is a waste of time.

    Share this idea with the people you care about. And if you want to create stuff that’s worth talking about, we should talk.

    • Robert

      The tools don’t matter. Your work does.

      • Robert

        Ah, it didn’t let me finish what I was typing. I wanted to quote that because it’s the most powerful statement in the entire article in my opinion.

        A lot of people I see do exactly what you said – cookie-cutter, bullshit blogging that doesn’t deserve the space on the web because 1,000 other blogs already cover it. It’s the Make Money Online niche spilled over, everybody does the same thing everybody else does.

        Be unique and be special :)

        • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

          Amen, Robert ;)

        • Anonymous

          LOL I call it ‘GroundBlog’ day Robert ;)

          Great post Mars, good to see you again brother

    • http://armilegge.com Armistead Legge

      You are soooo right man.  I’ve been pretty much living and breathing this stuff for a while now, and have to say you are one of the first to really nail it.

      People keep talking about getting more followers and fans, but this is a total disillusionment and case of confusing cause and effect. 

      Just like when people say: “I want to GET money”
      Yeah, well guess how you do that dumb-ass?

      Create shit sooo R-E-M-A-R-K-A-B-L-E that people beg you to sell it to them.  I don’t believe  marketing is making something LOOK better, I believe its allowing something to look just the way it is, and is better be fucking awesome!

      Guess what the key to viral marketing is?
      Make stuff so infectiously awesome, that every time someone opens their mouth they spread it to everyone around them.

      Like you Mars:
      You’re inspirational work and awesome insights basically burn through the mediocrity of the internet and spread like some supernatural awesome virus.

      Keep up the killer content and infecting everyone across the globe with iluvempire!


      • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

        haha, you are ALWAYS on fire, I luv it, man ;)

        • http://armilegge.com Armistead Legge

          Thanks man:D
          I’m learning from the best and will never stop burning!

          Epikness is a fire you can’t put out:)

    • Keith Bloemendaal

      What???? You mean it doesn’t matter if I pay for premium auto-tweet, auto DM, auto-follow, auto-dumb ass apps!!!?????!!!!! What am I gonna do!!!!!!??????

      • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

        haha, then I’d say YOU ARE FUCKED ;)

    • Mr. Tunes

      unfortunately not all great ideas take off on their own.  sometimes all it takes is an email sent to 20 close friends, but i don’t think you can discount some of the work that goes into marketing your work.

      i agree though: you definitely have to put limits on how much time you spend on this task. In an ideal world, i’ll spend more time making music than marketing it.

      • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

        Yeah, of course you have to show it to some people so they can spread the word. I just mean don’t worry about social media tactics if your work is simply boring !

    • Mr. Tunes

      unfortunately not all great ideas take off on their own.  sometimes all it takes is an email sent to 20 close friends, but i don’t think you can discount some of the work that goes into marketing your work.

      i agree though: you definitely have to put limits on how much time you spend on this task. In an ideal world, i’ll spend more time making music than marketing it.

    • http://twitter.com/BinaryMoon Ben Gillbanks

      Ok – so you build up a web presence by writing awesome content, and then send it to people who share it (because it’s awesome).

    • http://twitter.com/BinaryMoon Ben Gillbanks

      Like the person below – my comment posted before I had finished writing :S

      So what I was trying to say is this makes sense for written content (such has you or Seth Godin write), but what about physical/ digital products. How do you make them stand out from the crowd? If I sell WordPress themes, no matter how awesome they are, I will need to fight for attention amongst all the other WordPress theme developers who are much bigger than me.

      • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

        Hey Ben,

        then in your case, I would find one way to present them more unique or special !
        How about:
        a unique price ? Very cool customer guarantee ? Maybe spend a chunk of the profits to causes and show it ? Offer an extra consulting session where you explain how to tweak the theme ?
        Do whatever feels right for you, and make it extreme !

    • http://www.academicsuccessforall.com Elana

      This is a truly remarkable post. Most people simply cannot accept that they are capable of being Amazing. Thus they look outside of themselves for guidance, rather than looking in.

      I know; I’m as guilty of this as the next person. And I have learned that we all do this because our efforts to be remarkable, to do the things we do better than anyone, frequently bring us face to face with our personal demons. And who among us wants to spend time facing personal demons, let alone acknowledge that they exist.

      But I also know this–life is far more gratifying, far more worthwhile, when we banish our demons so we can devote time to understanding our own unique talents and gifts and bringing those gifts out into the world.

      I have learned that the demons we face along the way are nothing more than energy. As children, everything we learn can be associated with an energetic pattern in our bodies. So if we have learned that  we are mediocre, that we are followers rather than leaders, then we will fall into these roles with ease as adults.

      We will follow the SEO posts; we will buy everyone else’s products; we will practice what THEY preach but we will never move on to being the CREATORS of our own lives and our own destinies.

      And when we make an effort to change, to be something other than we have been patterned to believe we are, we will feel tremendous resistance.

      This resistance is nothing more than blocked energy.

      And the easiest way to deal with blocked energy is to removing the block. Removing the energy block is the quickest way to achieve your goals.

      People like me who work in the fields of energy psychology and energy medicine–think acupuncturists, Reiki practitioners, yoga and meditation teachers–understand this principle. All of these practices are great for moving energy.

      But if you want to change they way your energy flows, then check out EFT. I have found it to be the simplest, safest, and fastest way to move past resistance and focus on being remarkable and doing remarkable work.

      I hope you’ll give it a try! Because really, the world needs each and everyone of us to be nothing less than Remarkable.

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