Writer’s Block Is For Pussies– or how I Never Run Out of Ideas

Yess, I said it. And I’m willing to say it again: Writer’s block is for pussies. It’s a mindfuck dominating your brain and telling you there’s a blockade.

But there’s no blockade. There never was, and there never will be. It’s an illusion created by your fear to protect you from possible derision.

And you know what ? I had a weak moment where writer’s block almost kicked the SHIT* out of me (I used that asterisk because someone said I curse too much):

Writer's block kicks your ass


Honestly, the week I launched my new blog I luv Empire I was sweating all over the place. I was scared SHITLESS. Those were the questions that pierced through my body like high velocity rounds:

It’s sooo much work. How am I able to sustain that level or work ?

What if I run out of ideas ?

What if nobody likes what I’m doing ? What if people ridicule me and laugh at ME ?

What IF, What IF, What IF, What IF…

That’s the lizard brain speaking to me – creating a writer/creativity block and KEEPING me from doing my precious WORK.

You know what I did ?

First I said: Fuck you lizard brain.

I’m going to blow you out

of the water.

you vs writer's blog

And then I do the following “secret”:

And NO, I’m NOT going to reveal it the boring way – I’m going to reveal it dirty internet marketing style. Here it goes:

Do you know how I constantly come up with endless ideas ? Do you want to know how I NEVER experience writer’s or any kind of creative block ? Subscribe to the link and I will tell you HOW.

HAHA. Just kidding. No link. Here’s the special sauce:

I assume I’m always creative.

That’s it.

I don’t write down any ideas in my fancy-schmancy Moleskine (pronounced Moleskiney for the outside crowd).

I simply sit my lazy ass down, and expect to do AMAZING work.

But that’s not the WHOLE truth. The whole truth is before I do my work, I do 2 MORE THINGS.

First, I consume a lot. A LOT. Comic blogs, interviews, video games, marketing advice, Seth fucking Godin, godlike music from Angels & Airwaves.

I soak it all up like Spongebob Squarepants – it travels to my subconscious zoop-de-doo.

2) I get into the right state. If you are in a boring state, i.e. you are sitting still in front of your PC, you SIMPLY can not produce marvelous work. You have to be in an exciting state, you have to be on fire. The way I get there is through excessive dancing and listening to music – cranking up the volume like I want to shatter the neighborhood with 10,000 decibel.

3) I sit down and expect to be creative. I tell my mind – this is my work, and I will create something. Even if I have NOTHING planned. Even if I have no clue what to create now.

That’s how I create my work, and that’s how I NEVER run out of things to say in my consulting sessions. I ALWAYS expect I have something to say & create, and works like white magic.

Shit, I got carried away. But I want to do good and inspire you. SO, here’s a recap, because recaps rock:

Consume as much diverse information as you can. Let it passively sink into your subconscious.

2) Before your write/draw and sit on your ass, get into state. Listen to your FAVORITE music. Do exercise. Watch a funny Youtube clip. DO anything that JUICES you up – ANYTHING that makes you excited and energetic – to the point where you feel like DOMINATING the world with endless fire inside. And then sit down.

3) Now when you create your stuff, expect to be creative. Believe in your intuition and tell yourself that you are going to come up WITH AMAZING stuff. Just expect and believe. Because when you EXPECT you CAN DELIVER, the inner stream of consciousness is set free. Call it life force or whatever. When your head is out of the way – your “LITTLE” mind, you let the body flow. You and your consciousness flow together arm in arm, and the magic unleashes. Believe.

That’s it. That’s my secret sauce. That’s how I roll. Now you will roll. Let’s roll together.

And please share this idea with your friends & community. Help them come up with awesome stuff !

  • http://www.unleashingthetiger.com Dean Carlton

    I like it – no BS, just bloody well get on and do it.

    If you have ‘it’, that is – if you don’t have it, you cannot. So best find out what you DO have a driving passion for and focus on that instead.

    Maybe folks who struggle for inspiration do so because they are trying to be something they are not (maybe they are on a bandwagon)?

    Find your passion and you will find your voice. When you have a TRUE voice, it won’t bloody well shut up!

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Yep Dean, that’s simply my style.
      Mindset is EVERYTHING.
      Focus on “it CAN be done” and then fucking do it.

  • http://getbusylivingblog.com Benny Hsu

    Awesome Mars. Great advice I will apply. I have to remember to believe that creativity will come out. I know it’s in that brain of mine somewhere!! And I’ll try music for sure Mars!

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      You must.

      INsane belief + your favorite music = endless magic.

  • http://www.hollandz.com Brad Holland

    Yo, good tips on creativity. You still fucking* cuss too much.

  • Peter Joseph

    Writers block is just procrastination. So we blame not being able to come up with something and call it Writers Block when all we are doing is just fucking with ourselves and putting it off. Pointless comment to the blogosphere. I Win!

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      haha, luv the voice Peter.
      Yep, procrastination – and procrastination is ALWAYS rooted in fear AKA the lizard brain.

  • Jenna Whitman

    I love your animation of writer’s block personified…made me giggle.

    I also LOVE step 3, expect to be creative….no sugar coating it, you have to just do the work.

    I think your comics are brilliant and I love how you poke fun of things like marketing gimmicks etc…

    Keep fighting the good fight, Mars.


    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Thanx – me luv to draw ;)

      Let’s make an agreement to both fight the good fight. Because the world needs more creatives like us.

  • Sarah Bates

    Hear hear! I do get writers block now and again, but instead of sitting around sulking about how “Oh no, I have writers block, boo hoo” I go do something epic to like read a whole bunch of awesome shit, run around outside and then come back and I’m like “HOLY FUCK THERE’S SO MANY IDEAS” after that. Love it.

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Nice Sarah, soak it all up and then unleash the magic.

  • http://www.benblogs.com Ben Chin

    hahah I really like your energy in this post!

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      I felt so energetic it’s unbelievable. I want to write MORE like that !

  • Lezlie

    Mars, this is perfect and EXACTLY what I needed this morning. I’m printing it and keeping it in my office.

  • http://www.agorgeouslife.com/ Maaike @ A Gorgeous Life

    Hey, you think like me! That doesn’t happen all that often :p

    I just launched a new blog too and it scared the shit out of me. But just like you I know I’ll be fine, as long as I’m able to shut up those thoughts. I’ll tell myself: Get started, already! You lazy pig! You’re going to ROCK and you KNOW it! Woohoo!

  • Elisha Batuncang

    So writers block and procrastination was caused by the lizard brain, trying its best to keep us “safe” and sail steadily in the calm belt of comfort zone. Thanks for the enlightenment Mars.

    Trance music is my favourite, but when listening it too much especially on weekends I’ll end up in the club. Haha. Cheers for AWESOMENESS~!

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Nothing wrong with clubbing, Elisha, as long as you get some creativity done ;)

  • Dianabol

    looks like u might be sing psychedelics to keep the ideas coming :-)
    steroids blog

  • http://www.academicsuccessforall.com Elana

    I sure hope people are listening to you. It’s all about energy, and if the creativity is not flowing, it’s because the energy is not flowing. If dancing isn’t your thing, there are numerous other ways to move energy through the body. Bottom line, when energy is moving, creativity is flowing!

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Beautifully said, Elana. Energy is everything. And sitting on your butt won’t help you make it go flow.

  • http://www.storiesthatsell.co.uk Jim

    Why don’t you just say it how it is Mars? I mean, no more beating about the bush…

  • http://www.realityburst.com Eugene

    Right state of mind is so key. That’s why when I sit down to write something I put on some good tunes…something like trance to get the brainwaves going. Then let the finger tips do the walking

  • http://twitter.com/serial_writer Caroline Pollock

    Thanks @amandaabella for tipping me off to this article. I’ve got it printed up and hanging right over my computer desk.

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Seriously ? That’s awesome. I maybe should do a graphic poster.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t agree more with #3. If you don’t believe, you won’t write. Period. I got so tired of hearing about writer’s block, Sean Platt and I started a website to demonstrate how, even with random word prompts, writer’s block can die a quick death (creative copy challenge dot com if you’re interested.)

    P.S. I found you through Chris Pearson. He’s chosen the words for our site several times. It’s a blast.

  • Chriskelly82

    Thanks Mars, I really needed this.

    I split with my wife in November and moved back to my dads. Since then I stopped writing. I hadn’t written in seven months. There’s a major project I want to do, and if I’m going to do it it needs to start production first week in June. I have about three weeks and a shit load of writing to do.

    But I’m aweome. Between last night and today I managed about a third of the writing needing to be done. Now I’m hashing out with my collaborator, making my view fit closely with hers. It’s all go, and we might actually pull this off.

    And do you know why?

    Because I’m AWESOME.

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian


  • Rgbullet

    Rock on Biiootch – U got that right.

  • Katie

    Yah, a bit outrageous but…right on content and your illustrations are kick ass!  Very talented and as I cruse around your blog and read…you nail it time after time.  Ok, feeling the juju and have been officially inspired by your fresh, relevant stuff. Thanks Mars.  I’ll be back.

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