How to Make Your Life and Work More Exciting – a Method That Works

There is one event in the past that dramatically changed the way I tackle life.

I have told this story before, but it’s so awesome I HAVE to re-tell it again.

This is how it goes:

Back in the days, I used to backpack marvelous Mexico.

I had a great time – lots of discovering, wild walks through the jungle and stellar beach parties !

The first 5 months were a comfortable couch ride, and then the notorious turd hit the fan:

I ran out of cash and wanted to milk the ATM, but it wouldn’t work. I tried again and again and used every other source. Nothing. I even called my bank back in Europe and asked for guidance. They told me that there was some kind of problem with my visa card and that it was impossible to withdraw any money. I told them that I had a whole month left and that I was down to my last pesos. I asked them what I should do, and they ended the call with 2 words:

Good luck !

I still remember the pearls of sweat rushing down my forehead –  What do you do in a situation like this ??

I tell you what I do.

I usually come up with stupid ideas – and this one wasn’t an exception. I spent my last money on a a bus ticket and went back to Mexico city. With my last pesos I called a family that I have met on my previous trip, and this is what I said (from Spanish).

Hey, we met at the beach a month ago. We only talked for a few minutes, but now I’m here in your city with no money left. Can you please take me to your house ?

  • You should have seen their faces

They finally found me at the bus terminal, and approached me with the biggest WTF expression you could ever imagine.

Well, I could relate.

I pretty much invited myself to a family that I met for 2 mins at the beach a month ago. But in the end, they must have felt sorry for me and even brought me to their house, eh, their MANSION, to be more precise.

They must have been at least semi-rich, because they had a servant that took care of my laundry and prepared uber-delicious meals 3 times a day. The family (a total of 14+ members) took me out to exotic places and taught me horse riding at their cowboy ranch on the country side. I had a terrific time and even started a thing or two with their super-hot daughter. My last days in Mexico ended with a big party in one of their posh houses, guarded by their private security force.

When they waved goodbye for good, they were smiling at me, albeit in an ambiguous way. I could only imagine what they must have thought of me !

This was one of my most adventurous experiences in life – throwing yourself into an uncertain situation and then figuring what to do – and I have to admit – this last month in Mexico had written E-P-I-C-N-E-S-S all over it !

I was naive – not knowing what could happen – but I went for it anyways.

So, what’s the message here ?


Revelation number 1:

You always find a way out.

I was scared shitless in Mexico. I had 50 bucks and thought – how the hell am I going to survive ? Panic doesn’t help you, so I said to hell with it. Get to Mexico City and call that family. I’ll make it work. And I did.

Revelation number 2:

You never fail in life, you always succeed in getting a result

It might not be the result you wanted, but you are now at least smarter than before. The more results you get, the smarter you become. The smarter you become, the more likely are you going to succeed. It’s a beautiful cycle.

I’m currently doing several online projects – doing new stuff I have never done before, collaborating with people I never worked before.

Will it work out ? Will I succeed ?

How the heck should I know ?

The only thing I DO know is this:

An exciting (business) life comes from throwing yourself into situations you have never been before. Saying “to hell with it” and then letting your brain find a way to make it work.

What to do now


When faced with a dangerously-new opportunity or project, and you are not sure whether you should do it or not, ask yourself :

Will this kill or ruin me ?

The answer to this question is usually a big, fat NO.

So, don’t bother thinking about whether it will work or not. Kick your predictions in the ass – you never know what will happen next.

Say “to hell with it” and jump STRAIGHT into the unknown – with endless fire inside.

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  • devacoach

    Very E.P.I.C.!
    I had a similar situation in Europe years ago when a job I'd taken (flew over from Vancouver to take it!) didn't work out after the first 3 weeks! I could have flown home with my tail between my legs moaning “I failed, things never work out, etc” but instead? I chose to look for a place to stay, got some part time work, made friends and had the best 4 months of my life!

    Thanks for an awesome reminder to trust your gut ;-)

    • Mars Dorian

      heya Sandi, that's awesome !

      Imagine what you might have missed if you didn't make that choice. Life's always more interesting if you just jump in and then see how you can make it work out.
      Awesome :)

  • Maryam Alhafidh

    loool funny boy ;|)!!

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Mars,

    A life worth living is a life spent primarily outside of your comfort zone. That's where the excitement of the unknown begins.

    Many actually fully believe the idea that they can control circumstances, or perfectly predict their outcome. Such is the folly of ego. There's no way in hell you can know HOW some new venture will turn out. Why? You've never done it before!

    Super advice as always. Like you I've learned to say Yes to life many more times than I've said No, and I am thankful for it.


    • Mars Dorian

      “A life worth living is a life spent primarily outside of your comfort zone. That's where the excitement of the unknown begins.”

      Perfect summary man, perfect.
      It took me a long time to accept the fact that one cannot control circumstances. But once I learned to accept, and even better – to embrace them, life become more exciting. Way more exciting.

  • Murraylunn

    When it comes down to it – we always get crafty – ya know?

    I had a somewhat similar experience when I was in Miami for UMF – we were literally in the middle of now where, had no idea we're we were (me and friend) – we had homeless people talking to us and offering to guard our cars – we picked up someone that was going to the next club that was from baltimore – on the way leaving the club we gave a ride to some dude that was from philly (he gave us mix cd's haha) – we ended up cruising up and down Miami around 4 in the morning – completely confused.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that, like your trip, we all figure out when we just go with the flow – we take those risks and it generally turns out for the best; you have to stay positive and be ready to jump on it.

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Murray,

      lol, what a kick-ass story. Different, but yet similar to mine.
      Going with the flow and accepting new situations is intimidating – but sooo rewarding in the end.

  • Gabriele Maidecchi

    Heck I can't imagine myself in that situation, perhaps when you're without options you tend to show guts, but just thinking about it makes me panic so I can barely imagine how it felt.
    But I get the point very well, sometimes we start thinking so much about consequences and possibilities we end up being completely pathetic and useless. Something I would definitely hate.

    • Mars Dorian

      I usually am like that – thinking way too much about what could happen.
      This is only useful when facing MAJOR decisions. With everything else, you should jump in and embrace the adventure.
      Once you are in a situation you have never been before – you HAVE to perform, because your survival instincts kick in !

  • Todd Clarke

    Oh hell yeah. This is the way it works. It’s always a great outcome or a learned lesson, either being well worth the adventure. I am glad to have read this at just now as a reminder to self. The last year has seen me commit to some really great classes, recommit to my wife, commit to having a kid (ah, twins, actually), quitting my job, and starting a dream biz. Scary, sure. Onward, you bet! Thanks for the reminder, Mars!

  • Todd Clarke

    Oh hell yeah. This is the way it works. It’s always a great outcome or a learned lesson, either being well worth the adventure. I am glad to have read this at just now as a reminder to self. The last year has seen me commit to some really great classes, recommit to my wife, commit to having a kid (ah, twins, actually), quitting my job, and starting a dream biz. Scary, sure. Onward, you bet! Thanks for the reminder, Mars!

    • Mars Dorian

      Awesome Todd,

      you have taken a lot of risks, and I'm glad that they worked out for you. I want to make this year WAY more epic and take more and more risks and really taking my digital business to a new level !

  • Ryan Renfrew

    Awesome story Mars,

    The only failure that results from mistakes is the failure o not have learned something from the experience.

    Rock on Mars!

    • Mars Dorian

      True Ryan,

      never make a mistake twice ;)

  • Jim

    A great post,
    I really enjoyed reading this post, I was just wondering do you trade featured articles or blog posts. Thanks for sharing your Blog with others. You really share valuable information,

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Jim,

      what do you exactly mean by trading – like guest posting ?

      keep shining !

  • jesse oguntimehin

    hey Mars, you are damn right! I don't wait till am 100% sure, even 15% is good enough for me. I love he adventure, sure I always ask, will it kill me? Hell no. So, I just stick my ass in the line.>>> Mars, you rock.

    • Mars Dorian

      “So, I just stick my ass in the line”

      haha, I luv that line Jesse – so cool and straight to the point !

  • TMFproject

    ha ha! A thing or two with the hot daughter, eh? I'm sure you had an AWFUL time! ;P

    RTing this now. This is pure sexy, this post.

    Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

    No matter what is thrown at you, you will survive.

    It's all the apprehension beforehand that will eat you alive.


    • Mars Dorian

      Actually, it was pretty awful, Ash, but you now what ? A man gotta do what a man gotta do :)

      “It's all the apprehension beforehand that will eat you alive.”

      I wish I could come up with kick-ass lines with that. More practice.

  • Dave Doolin

    Mars, great story. When we hang out, remind me to tell you about the cab ride from hell in Mexico DF, or Lorraine Bonney, or some outre shenanigans just downstream from Nacimiento del Rio Tonto. But not here, this one is your story.

    • Mars Dorian


      yep – Mexico offers some wild situations, witnessed many of them myself.
      I'd luv to hear yours sometime, Dave :)

  • Trever Clark

    The best memories come out of times when you're scared shitless. I've been broke as a joke many times, but despite my worrying, I've never ended up sleeping in the gutter. It's funny how things always work out…

    Entonces, como bien hablas espanol? Estaba en Mexico para 5 semanas esta verano pasado. Trato aprender espanol ahora, y me gusta practicar a todos opportunidades. Practicas tu espanol ya?

    • Mars Dorian

      si senior Trever,

      me gustar practicar el espanol cada dia. Me encanta esta idioma, y me encanta la vida en Mexico – prefiero las chicas tambien.
      Voy a regresar a este pais, pero no se cuando.

      Haha, my Spanish is still basic, but I can get by. And it's true – you always get by…always !

      • Trever Clark

        Uso el curso de Michel Thomas estudiar. Es chingon y muy facil. Espero que podere regresar en el ano proximo.

        “Prefiero las chicas tambien” – LOL

  • Trever Clark

    P.S. – Love the pic with Benny.

  • Nina Yau

    Wow, awesome, Mars! Way to wing it! Sometimes, when we run out of options, that's when we create options out of nowhere. Those are oftentimes the most memorable and lasting experiences because it helps shape who we are today.

  • Justin Guzman

    What a interesting adventure, I someday hope to just go vagabonding around the planet looking for adventures. But alas I spent too many years chasing around in the rat race accumulating everything my credit would allow. And now? digging out of the hole. What a cool post it does give me inspiration that there are others out there doing it. Why not me?

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