How to Be Ridiculously Interesting

You know what’s worse than getting your ass kicked ? Getting ignored.

Remember the phrase: There’s no bad news  ?

It’s true. Negative interaction means people still pay attention to you. But when no one cares to even spit at you, you know you are an invisible blow of air.

Don’t let this happen to you.

If you are a force for good, and you want people to pay attention to your content, words and products, you must follow a few steps that make you stand out.

It’s fun and refreshing. Let’s rock this together.

Express what you stand for

Most people don’t have a clue what they stand for. They are like a leaf in the wind – you can blow ‘em in any direction and they even don’t care.

Not only is this pathetic, it’s also boring as heck. Spineless creatures don’t deserve attention, and they won’t get it.

Whatever you do, always fully express yourself, no matter how un-popular the choice.

For example, I believe that:

  • Religion is manipulative and useless. And I mean any religion.
  • You should always cuss if you have to. Saying f**k is weak. Unless you are working for a PG-13 rated family channel, you should go the full mile. Don’t you stand for your words ? Then fucking say them.
  • Fast food is an evil curse. It’s cheap and dangerous, and you should avoid it like the plague. And yeah, that includes Coca Cola.

Some of these expressions draw me into the crossfire, but I can take the shots.

Never back down. Express what you stand for. And the right people will listen.

Be over-the-top

Moderation is for losers.

When you are born, you are full of potential. A ray of light, ready to illuminate the world. But as you grow older, you lose your shine. Society covers you with a big, smelly blanket and diminishes your true self. It’s time to free yourself. Take the smelly thing off and shine brighter than a thousand suns – find your natural extremity.

Moderation yields moderate results – d’uh ! Whenever you want to make a deep impact, you have to be extreme:

  • when you want to write an email that people must notice, then use a remarkable writing style and back it up with a cool font, colors and pictures
  • If you want to make people remember you, then introduce yourself in a way that’s remark-able and noteworthy
  • When you have a goal and want to inspire people, then use BIG words and make it as grand as it can be

IMPORTANT: The goal is NOT to be always extreme. That is exhausting. But whenever you want to make an impact – a BAAAAM effect that hits people, you have to be over-the-top.

It’s time for you to remember your light. A healthy dose of extremism not only makes you feel more alive, and it also attracts and influences

Be on a mission

One of my favorites. That one is so powerful it might melt your brain. Determination is a huge attraction – people tend to follow people who (think they) know the way.

They think: Gosh, this person must know that something that I don’t. Better follow, and see where (s)he will lead us.

Famous digital entrepreneurs / bloggers don’t hang around, they obsessively following their mission:

  • Chris Guillebeau – inspire people to live an unconventional life
  • Jonathan Mead – get people to live on their own terms.
  • or me :  fire people up to create their own business and DO stuff.

Strong, inspirational words that excite people to do something.

What is your mission ?

Go against the stream

The mainstream that is.

If everyone is saying : This is how you should do it, maybe you should say

Hell no !

Adding controversy to any topic will always get you attention :

  • Being abnormal, forgetting “professional” marketing tactics and writing like a buddy ( Johnny B. Truant )
  • Guest posting for other blogs is useless and a waste of time ( Everett Bogue )

But be careful – unjustified claims bore people and make them even ignore you. Have a good reason why you go against the stream – never provoke for the sake of provoking.

Treat your content like artwork

How much do you care about your creation ?

Can you put a little more effort into it ?

Can you style it in a beautiful way ?

Can you craft something with so much attention and care that people can’t help but to notice your efforts ?

You should…no…

You MUST !

Tell a kick-ass story

People love hearing stories. Over and over again. Good stories captivate and influence us – the are the salt of (digital) life. Grrreat marketers are great storytellers. Maybe that’s what makes them great. Check out Seth Godin’s talks and you see what I mean.

A great story:

  • can be easily understood by everyone
  • has a killer opening and ending
  • entertains
  • uses facts to support its credibility
  • inspires people to take action

What are you waiting for ? Want to captivate people ? Tell a kick-ass story !

Be so honest it makes you cringe inside

Let’s face it – everyone delivers white and gray lies :

  • How much traffic do you got ? Eh, a few thousand every week.
  • How much money do you make ? Eh, over 5,000 a month.
  • What do you do ? Eh, all kinds of projects.

We are used to people tweaking the truth, and that’s why we hold still  and LISTEN when someone’s brutally honest :

  • Chris Corbett from exposes his traffic report every single month. He states every minor detail – how much he’s growing (or not), if more or few people click on his posts etc. He’s sharing his up and downs.
  • Pat Flynn from Smartpassiveincome shows how much money he EXACTLY makes every month. Down to the very last cent.
  • Adam Baker from Manvsdebt writes epic long posts. And in some of them, like how to suck at product launching he reveals how he fucks up and what he learns from it.

I know it takes super-courage to jump over your shadow and tell things like they are. But exactly THAT can make all the difference in standing out in a white-lying world.

Make People laugh

Most people are way too serious. And bore the heck out of their listeners. Break the ice and infuse some humor. It can be applied to any topic and guarantees to be sticky. People ALWAYS remember funny stuff.

Lead by example

Most people talk and write about doing awesome things, but never do them. Fail !

If you want people to listen to you, you have to show them what you DO. Everyone talks, very few act

Become an action-doer:.

  • If you think that people don’t connect genuinely, then connect like you have connected before and write about it !
  • If you think that most online business are dull and boring, then create a kick-ass one and write about it !
  • If you think (insert subject) needs to change, then go out and CHANGE it !

Don’t become a hypocrite. Lead by example. And the write about it.

What to do now


It doesn’t matter how tight your competition is. If you got something valuable to share, you deserve to get noticed. You are interesting by default, you just got to remember it. And express it in an awesome way.

What do you do to be interesting (online) ?

And tweet / Facebook – share this post with your friends !

  • Tracy O'Connor

    I would like very much to shake your hand for this post. It's so tiresome watching people try to do things by these strict little rules they imagine are constraining them and hearing them bitch in the background that nothing is going their way.

    Life's too short to put qualifiers on everything you say and go about like a little mouse, resentful that “they” are shutting you up. Unless you are living in North Korea or something, they aren't, it's all on you.

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Tracy, long time no see

      you handshake is digitally accepted :)
      Yeah – they are not even REAL rules – it's just in your head after all. It's time to get rid of what society told you and to follow your own epic path. We need more people who speak their mind. You can only make an impact if you fully express yourself – with no censoring whatsoever !

  • Rob

    Fantastic post :) Learning to express what I really think, no matter how many weird looks and rolling eyes I have to put up with is something I'm working on, and have been for a while now. The challenge is to stick to your ideas without arguing for them so much as to appear closed-minded about that, and that's the balance I'm trying to get right at the moment.

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Rob,
      it can seem hard in the beginning, because you are not used to it. But the goal is to shine your way – 100 percent !
      Don't worry about failing – just put your ideas out there and see what happens ! People who believe what you believe will join your wavelength.

      I encourage you to do it NOW ! :)
      (and tell me what happened !)

  • Ryan Renfrew

    Amen to that brudah! Nobody wants to read an airy fairy likes to please all style. Its all about speaking your niches languaue, sure ull piss off a few peeps now and again but u will strengthen the relationship with the die hard foloowers.

    Diggin the “Moderation yields moderate results” quote

    • Mars Dorian

      Thanx Ryan, it's awesome to meet so many like-minded people here !
      I believe that you piss of the “wrong” people (wrong in the sense that they don't believe what you believe), while attracting the right ones.

  • Murlu

    That’s what I love to hear Mars – none of this hub-drub life coach, walk on coals bullshit – just straight up, raw “fuckit-doit” attitude that gets the job done. Enough with the pussyfotting – who cares how people are going to react because you’re not suppose to appeal to everyone; just find taht group that says “fuck yeah, this guy/gal rocks, I’m down” and boom, following, boom authority

    • Mars Dorian

      haha, Murray,
      your comments are on fire…always !
      That's the kind of energy I want to see here.
      Sweet !

  • Mike Reeves-McMillan

    The danger with this is that you end up with what I call the Baboon's Backside approach to marketing: something so hideous that people just can't look away. Otherwise known as being interestingly ridiculous.

    But yes, I think a bit less self-censorship, especially about our passions, is only going to make us more interesting to the people we want to connect to (the others have plenty of places they can go instead).

    I sometimes think that we should replace the “What do you do?” question when meeting people with “What are you passionate about?”. It says a lot more about who they are and provides a much better basis for a conversation and a connection.

    As for ways to be interesting: I give things memorable names and metaphors. My next product is going to include the Mary Poppins Strategy, the Paramount Pictures Technique, the Huck and Tom Method and the Goal Digestion Game.

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Mike,

      yeah – I'd even go the whole nine yards – completely dropping the self-censor ship !
      BTW – I luv the passion question. I have read it from somewhere, and I think it's glorious. Don't ask what the profession is (that's dull), ask them about the passions. You will enjoy a more brilliant conversation, and maybe even see some shiny eyes, too !

      Cool names for your upcoming products !

      • Tia Sparkles Singh

        In coach training that's what I learned first :) To ask people “what's one of your dreams” instead of what do you do. The responses and the way people light up at that question – phenomenal!

        • Mars Dorian

          yeah, and it's kind of sad that people have a job AND a passion instead of making the passion their job !

  • Gabriele Maidecchi

    Well that's why I love reading your posts Mars, and that's why you strike a deep impression on everyone who crosses your path, I am sure.
    BUT, one thing.

    “when you want to write an email that people must notice, then use a remarkable writing style and back it up with a cool font, colors and pictures”

    Cool font and colors in an email? Noooo :( I admit, I am an old-school, text-only email believer…

    • Mars Dorian


      Gabriele – that was an extreme example for writing an email that makes people LOOK like crazy at your stuff. I have done this a few times, and the impact is quite awesome.
      You must try it at least once !

  • Allan Ward

    Hey Mars,

    Great article. I love people who aren't scared to be themselves. Of course, we're never going to agree on everything, but I like people who've actually formed opinions on subjects and are open about them.

    And having passion is so important. As is being honest about things.


    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Allan,
      Yeah, I luv that English sentence: Let's agree to differ.
      After all, that's what democracy is all about !
      No need to hide and back down in our parts of the world.
      Playing and talking it small won't change anything.

      and thanx for your kick-ass email reply !

  • Laura

    This post is fucking awesome!! Good work, I will definitely be visiting again!!

    • Mars Dorian

      thanx Laura, more awesome stuff to come !

  • Nina Yau

    Mars, great tips on how to be truly authentic in a world filled with hoaxes, lies, illusions, and broken promises. This is applicable to not only bloggers, but folks in other industries as well. Imagine a world where we actually were honest and truly wanted to help one another out, to make this world we live in a better place.

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Nina,

      I believe this world is possible. It's not always easy to speak your mind, but it's so necessary and essential. If you want to inspire, you have got to step up – and that means you live your style a 100% !

  • ReadingForYourSuccess

    What a Bad Ass article Mars. You nailed it and I loved the way you get this stuff across. Human nature is to try to please everyone, which never works and leaves you sounding lame (at best). I take this advice to heart. And your thoughts on a kick ass story are right on. This is exactly what I was writing about in my article last week Tell Your Kick Ass Story and Influence the World. The story is huge! Awesome mentors for us to follow in this post. I am officially inspired and big time fired up!


    • Mars Dorian

      “Tell Your Kick Ass Story and Influence the World”

      Luve that article Scott – we are on the same page !
      One should never, ever, ever even once think about pleasing everyone – it's simply not worth it ! Let's drown the world in our fire together :)

  • TrafficColeman

    Mars you just made yourself ridiculous interesting in this post, and people like you is what makes this internet thing so popular Bro..

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Antonio,
      thanx a bunch for this compliment. I luv your always uplifting words !

  • TMFproject

    Best line here?

    “Moderation is for losers.”

    HA HA HA. That's so my new motto.

    Tweeted this – love the fucking sparks going on in your writing. As always, Mars! XO

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Ash,

      my view on life – if you don't shine brightly you shouldn't shine at all.
      Only when you step up and own your space will you make an inspirational impact that counts.
      I'm glad you are an impact-maker yourself :)

  • NickLaborde

    “Be so honest it makes you cringe inside” every time I think I shouldn't post something because it might piss someone off, I do it any ways. The more I cringe the more I should post it, plus it's much better.

    My personal mantra when it comes to writing is “Be Interesting, Be useful”. The market is cornered on boring crap.

    To answer your question, I write about boring topics in an interesting way to push myself and others to challenge ourself.

    Thanks for the virtual kick in the ass.

    • Mars Dorian

      “The market is cornered on boring crap.”

      That's a cool line, and sadly true. And honestly Nick, I don't believe in boring topics. I have a friend who talks about computer engineering, and the way he talks about it is just so refreshing you can't help but be entertained !

  • how2mingle

    Gawd Damn. Poetry before my eyes. I loved every word of it!

    New to this blog, thank you!

    • Mars Dorian

      My pleasure !
      And thanx for coming to the show !

  • Siddharth Goyal

    Amazingly stuff. I was having a similar discussion with Cori from Big Girl Branding. I think people like you are rare Mars. We all like to sugar coat things but you don't and that is something I really admire.

    3 cheers.

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Siddharth,

      I don't believe that sugar coating your style will have any impact. It doesn't mean you have to cuss like a sailor, but being blunt and telling your things like they are is the number one game-changer for me !

  • Midge Diabolik

    Inspirational writing dude and lots of stuff worth taking on board. One minor point though, busy e-mails in fancy fonts and colours rarely get taken seriously in the 'straight' world :)
    Midge x

  • Patrick Toerner

    Yo Mars, I'm back on the scene. Gonna be reading your posts again. I liked this one. It's sort of my new philosophy on blogging. Not going to be doing the same crap as everyone else. Kinda like what you are doing!

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Patrick, just saw your comment – man, did the Mexican Mafia kidnap you ? Lol. Welcome back.

  • Maryam Alhafidh

    nothing just looooooling out side the box

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