Forget About THEM. What Are YOU Going to Do ?

When you make a big change in life and business, the universe wants to test you.

Are you practicing what you preach, or is it just mumbo-jumbo with no action ?

Let me tell you how the universe tested me, and what you can learn from it:

Every Wednesday I go to the music quiz of my favorite bar. It works like this:

All the people in the bar have to form or groups, and then have to guess the songs the DJ is playing. After 200 songs, the whole thing is over and the group with the most right guesses wins a bottle of cheap ass wine. The prize doesn’t really matter – the event has become so popular that it now attracts people from all over the world. The bar owner, Sebastian, makes most of his his revenue from this insane Wednesday.

And then it happened…

So,  I went there last Wednesday and found myself in that uber-crowded bar, yet again. I saw the bar owner running around nervous as hell. What happened ? The DJ didn’t show up for the quiz, and the crowd was turning wild.

I mumbled a “shit” – no quiz for today – and was about to leave, when the logo tagline of my blog struck me like a thunder from heaven:

The World Needs You

I hold still for a moment, and turned back to the owner:

“Hey Sebastian, fuck that unreliable piece of DickJockey, let me do the event !”

He said:  “What ? What do you mean ?”

Me “Let me be the DJ for tonight. I just have my crappy mp3 player, but I use some of my bad jokes and keep the crowd entertained!”

He looked at me suspiciously, but since he had no other choice he went for it.

So, I nervously went into the action and played DJ for a night. I had a few screw ups in the beginning, but it didn’t matter – I was on a mission to turn this into a success. I somehow did, more and less, and made the owner and the audience happy for the night.

The world needed me and I helped her out.

What the heck does this have to do with you ?

Everything !

When you read my blog, I assume that you want to rock the world with your essence and business. Putting an inspirational dent in the (digital) universe. Here’s some fire for thought :

  • Become a fire-starter. Also known as: take initiative. When I arrived at the bar,  I saw lots of regulars who knew about the problem with the missing DJ. They all loved the bar, and the they owner. They had their own mp3 players but didn’t bother to step up and say “Hey, let me help you!“

When you sense a moment where somebody has to do something, BE that somebody. Someone has to save the day, why not you ?

  • Never look at what everyone else is doing. Most people have been silenced, at least brain-wise, by society. They lead a dead-end comfy life, merely existing between different shades of grey. Don’t be one of them. If you think something FEELS right, it is right for YOU, and you have to act on it. Don’t ask for permission – jump into the situation with endless fire inside:

Get fired from your well-paid job and see how thousands of others get laid off too ? What do you do ?

  • Pat Flynn said to hell with it and started his own business, now making tens of thousands dollars a month and inspiring others to do the same.

Do it !

Feel like creating a successful online biz, even though you have not a single cent of experience ? What do you ?

  • Johnny B. Truant says to hell with it, becomes Naomi Dunford’s marketing test object and builds his own successful digital career within 9 months.

Do it.

  • You release your first book, and the publisher doesn’t want you to go on book tour because nobody does it anymore ? What do you do ?

Chris Guillebeau says “to hell with it” and created his own book tour via his blog. He asked if his readers had interest in gathering at a specific place in each US state, and they showed up.

DO it.

  • Run with what you got, fix it as you go. Back in the days, I used to procrastinate a lot. I can’t do this with my business yet,  I need more (>insert useless excuse here<). Fact is – nothing is all you need. At the music quiz, I said to the owner I just have a crappy mp3 player with lots of songs that nobody will know. And I only have 40 of them, not the typical 200 or more. But I make this event rock, I’ll find a way. When I ran out of songs, I asked one of the girls in the audience to lend me her Iphone with her music list. She didn’t even think twice about it. Reloaded with hundreds of new songs, I kept the show rocking.

Do the same. Just GO FOR IT. Make that move in life. Tackle that business goal of yours. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to do it (yet) or if you lack resources. Your brain is a survival machine – throw yourself into situations and it will find a solution. This always works !

Remember, in the not so distant future, you’ll turn to stardust. A loose formation of atoms, scattered around the universe. Before it’s “Hasta La Vista” for you, leave this ridiculous ass-kicking planet a bit more illuminated.

Become an ACTION taker. The one who acts first and asks for forgiveness later.

If everyone sits around like brain a dead zombie, busily waiting for the grand opportunity that never comes, YOU shoot up like a rocket with nitro fuel and scream:

To hell with it – I AM going to do it.

  • I am going to do this business idea (even though I have no clue how to do it)
  • I am going to help you out (even though I feel lazy like Homer Simpson )
  • I am going to stand up ( even though everyone tells me not to)

Taking action is like training a muscle – the more you do it, the better you get at it. If you never take massive action, you fall prey to the monster of laziness.

Profile-Twitter What to do now

Taking action is like training a muscle – the more you do it, the better you get at it. If you never take massive action, you fall prey to the monster of laziness.

What are you going to do now to become an action-doer ? What goal of yours are you going to tackle now with a passionate “To hell with it, I am going to DO it ?

And please spread the message and share this with your friends !

  • Claudia

    EPIC AND RIGHT ON Mars !!.. As usual !

    – totally loved the “act first and ask for forgiveness later” bit… I think much of the time people just stop to THINK too much…I mean, sometimes it’s a good thing, but mostly it just stops you from taking immediate action. Just trusting your instincts and being more spontaneous would serve everybody better than looking around to see who’s doing what.

    The world doesn’t need anymore dead zombies!

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Claudia,

      I agree – Zombies only belong to movies and video games. The real world doesn't need 'em.
      Like Murray said in this comment session, we need to tap into our “kid mode” – the place where we just jump into situations and DO things without thinking too much (or at all) about the results.

      Truth is – you never know what will happen. Why not just say “To hell with it” and then just take the leap. It's my new way of living from now on.
      BTW – I read your article on TMP, super-cool life you have. You are (were?) quite the vagabond like me. And all the stuff with the “indian” business you set up – cool story that is inspirational as hell.

      Keep shining, Claudia !

      • Claudia

        YEAH BABY…I like your new “living strategy” Mars! To Hell with it indeed, bring on the awesome experiences!!!

        And yes… was, am, and always will be the vagabond…it’s in my blood or something, gypsy living is the way I learn the most…I guess you know exactly what I’m talking about being a vagabond yourself…glad you liked the guestpost at TMF (that chick rocks!)

        BTW I absolutely LOVE your site…design, message, attitude…you ROCK IT HARD DUDE!!! ***

  • Claudia

    EPIC AND RIGHT ON Mars !!.. As usual !

    – totally loved the “act first and ask for forgiveness later” bit… I think much of the time people just stop to THINK too much…I mean, sometimes it’s a good thing, but mostly it just stops you from taking immediate action. Just trusting your instincts and being more spontaneous would serve everybody better than looking around to see who’s doing what.

    The world doesn’t need anymore dead zombies!

  • ryangoesabroad

    Awesome, Mars… “Taking action is like training a muscle – the more you do it, the better you get at it.” You just have to take action right now to get done what you need to, especially watching for the opportune moments… Way to save the day as the DJ, man. You had the moment presented to you and you took it by the horns… I'm sure the party rocked.

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Ryan,

      Back in the days I would have been like everyone else – either going home or sitting and doing nothing. But since I'm on a mission, I had to get my lazy ass back to action. THat's what I am going to do with every major decision now – both in life and business. And I hope everyone is doing the same !

  • Keith Bloemendaal

    I would have loved to have been there for that one! A quote from on of my favorite movies of all time:

    The World Is Yours ~ Scarface

    • Mars Dorian

      That quote is from Scarface ?

      Soo cool, Keith

  • JesseOguns

    That has been one of my Mantras, don't wait till everything looks perfect, or until you you figure it all out. You are right, got to kick-myself in the ass. Am working on my clients work, and preparing her bills for her, am getting the job done though, I don't know how (like you were a DJ for a night), I will JUST DO IT! then I'll get it right.

    Thanks for the reminder Mars. You rock.

    • Mars Dorian


      now THAT's the spirit – I promise you, you will find out one way or another.
      Tell me how it went – I'm curious how like-minded crusaders like you rock their life and business !

      • Jesse Oguns

        I will most definitely let you know. Your picking interest will kick-my-ass so that I can get the work under way and get it done.

  • Marcy Crandle

    Mars, you are a brave, crazy man, and we all love you for it!

  • Gabriele Maidecchi

    The fact you mentioned the bar people have got their own mp3 players made me realize of a nice suggestion you could give to the owner: let people give their own mp3 players to the DJ to play 1-2 songs from it, to make the thing even more interactive.
    Sort of the trend that was going on years ago when jogging people shared their mp3 player's jack with fellow joggers to listen to each other's music.

    Sorry if I diverted, random thought of the day in a long-ass late afternoon waiting for a candidate who is deadly late for an interview ;)

    • Mars Dorian


      Gabriele – that is quite a cool idea, I like it – the only problem is that the peeps giving the song to the DJ already know it, so they get the point guessing it right by default.
      Still a nice idea :)

      • Gabriele Maidecchi

        True but then just let the person sharing its music stand next to the DJ so they can't participate in the contest for that one song.
        Don't forget lesson #1 of music lovers: they would sell their mom in order to let others listen to what they listen, they just love it.

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Mars,

    Move into action today. You'll gain the tools along the way.

    When I act inspired the universe makes it happen. Just like when you ran out of the songs and the girls helped you out. When I sit in the comfy zone that you note nothing much happens at all.

    Each moment carries unlimited opportunities. Some might appear more glaring, like your situation in the bar but make no mistake. Opportunities are forever unfolding and it's our decision whether to grab 'em or let them go into the ethers.

    Thanks for sharing and have a powerful day!


  • Murlu

    Everyone is losing their shit because they're unsure about the future – finances, country, etc etc – whatever; the future isn't NOW – your past means nothing – it's all in the PRESENT.

    With that being said; I was getting caught in stupid shit – ehhh, I'll hold this for next week/month/year – nope – gotta get back into that kid mode where you didn't have to learn a ton of info before you started – you just did it.

    Think about it

    As you aged, you had to make sure everything was in line before you jumped into something but as a kid, you didn't care, you wanted it then and there.

    That's what needs to be done – that return the childhood wonderment. So what if we fail – still got a ton of years ahead of us.

    (That's awesome that you jump up there Mars – rockin' the night!)

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Murray,

      awesomely said. I luv the term kid mode – I remember that one.
      Back in the days, I was one fearless sucker like everyone, just jumping in not caring whether the outcome was positive or negative.

      That's what I meant with the “TO hell with it attitude…just doing it”

      But you know what ? Right here and now I declare the kid mode.
      I'm going to live by it 24/7, and I will talk about the experiences here on the blog as well.

      I hope you rock your kid mode as well my friend !

  • Joseph

    Extremely inspiring, thanks! I actually had one of those moments just a few days ago, but I took the easy way out. I regretted it the moment I let the opportunity pass. Similar to what you said, overcoming fear and anxiety just takes practice. Good stuff, my friend.

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Joseph,

      truth to be told those moments still happen to me. Just like you, I always regret them later on and it's a major shame 2.0
      It's not that we get eaten or punished when we screw up, but that little voice inside of us can be powerful – too powerful at times.
      It helps if you got a motto to live by – like mine: The World needs YOu.
      If you have that, everything becomes easier and you feel more like acting.

  • Rick LaPoint

    I used to take control of situations back in my corporate life when decisions had to be made on the spot and no one was around that was empowered, or willing, to step up to the plate.

    The Powers That Be usually got pretty upset about it. But upon hearing the alternatives I would get a reprieve… this time.

    Often there is fear when someone steps up, but there is even more fear when they don't. What's the worst that can happen. Well, ok, in my case I could get fired, but I'd been thrown out of better joints than that before, lol.

    Sometimes you just have to plug your nose and jump in. Then the consequences are what they are.


    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Rick, cool that you are that kind of person as well.
      I personally never regret the things I did, only the things I didn't do.

      “Sometimes you just have to plug your nose and jump in” – honestly – that's my new motto in life and business now :)

  • Jouko Karvonen

    Great story! Those kind of situations, where you suddenly get some crazy idea (or what an average person would consider crazy), are really the best ones. If you start to think “maybe that guy in the audience thinks I'm strange” or hesitate with something equally stupid worry, you're dead. “Do it!” is the correct answer!

    I also have let too many of those opportunities pass in the past, but won't do it anymore. About a month ago I had a bit similar experience, which led into making many unknown people laugh, meeting some really interesting people, getting an opportunity to help with something cool I didn't know even exists and so on. Great stuff happens when you choose to act.

    Your new slogan hits the spot! Keep rocking!

    • Mars Dorian

      thanx Jouko,

      boy do I regret those moments where I didn't act.

      “Great stuff happens when you choose to act.”

      Yep, it's all about taking action and pushing one's comfort zone, not worrying what other people think about you if YOU think you are making the right choice !

  • Karenlw

    Three things:

    One, Great post on making things happen! I love the “fix it as you go”!!!
    Two, Instead of a DJ, there could be numerous guest DJs from the audience
    Three, How did you only have 40 songs? A minor point at such a time but I am just wondering!

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Karen,

      haha, I like your points. The reason I got only 40 songs (now more) is that my old mp3 player didn't work anymore, and I lost all of my songs (didn't save them on the computer !). Now I have to manually get 'em all back ;(

  • Ali Davies

    Many people don't step up to create the business and lifestyle they really want for themselves because they get caught up with the need to know “how” before they take any action. Yet it is just taking the first step that reveals the “how” as you go. Reminds me of that great Martin Luther King quote:

    “Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Ali,
      that's a kick-ass quote Martin Luther King and so true – you only need to see the first step and everything will become clear on the way.

      Sometimes it rocks to be naive and to just jump into the situation.

  • Lachlan Cotter

    Nice work dude. That's sweet. You must have had some major butterflies deciding to step up to something like that on the spur of the moment. Simply taking action is not that hard. What you did here was more than that. You took a risk; you seized an opportunity. I'm sure you had to overcome a little fear in there as well. Awesome stuff. Carpe Diem!

    By the way, loving the evolution of your brand too. Cheers.

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Lach,

      I thought I was going to rock it, but truth is, I almost pissed in my pants. After an awkward start I managed to turn the ship and made it work…somehow ;)

      Carpe Diem to you back, my friend, I'm sure you seize the day as well.

  • Daniel Sharkov

    An awesome story and a motivational article! If you want to to stand out and do something big, taking the initiative is the only way. Expecting that things will just fall into place is just an excuse for laziness and inability. As you've mentioned, following the trends is not the way to go. In order to get your business (and pretty much every undertaking for that matter) up and running, you need to be unique. That is what can make the difference. Otherwise you are just one of the many who are just trying to copy the big players. That is not the way to become a big player.

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Daniel,

      for a long time I actually believed that things fall into place if I apply the law of attraction. Lol, needless to say – this not how life works, you have to ignite the fire and help it spread. It can be hard in the beginning because you have to push your comfort zone ( or expand it!), but if you want to go somewhere epic this the way you do it !

  • Peter J

    Great post Mars. People don't just popup and appear saying you've got talent, “I'm going to get on and promote you”. You have to get out there and show the world who the hell you are or you will go down without a flame.

  • Vic Dorfman

    Hey Mars!

    Came over here from upgrade reality.

    I've seen your posts retweeted but this is the first time I've read one all the way through and I have to say I'm sorry I didn't listen to my twitter friends sooner!

    Stepping up and getting outside of your comfort zone makes you THE MAN in my book!

    I'll be popping in regularly henceforward. ^_^

    Good Vibes man.

    Vic Dorfman

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Vic,

      haha – better late than never ! Yep – I want to take my life to a new level and lead by example – and that's what I want to share at my blog.

  • SatyaColombo

    Keep kickin ass my friend — and even though I'm sure you don't celebrate thanksgiving, I wish you a big old happy rest of your week!

    p.s. my goal is to begin expressing my gratitude for all the great friends I've made online.. here's to you! :)

  • the minimalists

    Taking action is absolutely the key to success. We are stuck in a world where people often say “knowledge is power” or “information is power.” Bullshit! Information is only potential power. There is too much information out there to even begin to digest it. The only real power is in action.

    Take care,

    Josh & Ryan,

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