21 Killer Ways to Spread Your Influence Online

I could write the most epic intro ever, but let’s leave the content by itself.

It doesn’t need introduction.

Here are my 21 killer ways to increase online influence:

  • 1 – Be on a mission

I should add: Be on an inspiring mission.

I want to make a lot of money online isn’t inspiring – it’s fucking boring.

Find your “why” – why are you doing what you are doing ? If it’s a cause that people can relate to, you will reach an audience.

Instead of saying:

I want to make money online.


I want to help people achieve a lifestyle where they can live and work wherever and whenever they want.

It’s always about them.

  • 2 – Become delusional

This word becomes so much flak it’s unbelievable. Even inspiring superstars like Will Smith use it. Being delusional means you are seeing something that doesn’t exist (yet). You are fantasizing about a future that yet has to be manifested. It means you are having big goals. Very big goals. And even if you don’t reach them, you will get very far.

How’s that saying ? Reach for the galaxy. Even if you miss, you will land in the sky.

  • 3 – Build your 150

Create a Facebook or Twitter list and call it your 150. That’s the number of people you can effectively connect with. If it goes beyond that, things will get messy :)

Promise yourself to only include people in that list that are worthy of your time:

Crusaders who can / could help you or improve the (digital) world in way or another. Ambitious people that DO epic shit.


The Unconventional Guide to Expanding Your Digital Network

to master this principle.

  • 4 Create YOUR story

Also called unique selling proposition (USP), but story sounds a trillion times better. A story includes your mission (see point #1). Nothing you do may be 100 % groundbreaking, but you can add new flavor to something by telling an unique story.

I’m a Digital Crusader on a mission to change the online world through personal branding and creative marketing.

What’s your story ?

  • 5 – Help people in need

Yeah, I do consulting, but I also help people on Twitter and Facebook. Someone got a question, you are there.

Share your knowledge. Help your peeps. Digital Karma will give it back to you.

  • 6 – Repeat your tweets

Easily done, powerful results. Retweet your older, kick-ass articles. I do this about every 7-9 hours and sometimes experience massive results. New people will find your gem. Valuable content that was once forgotten will rise up again. One of my older posts…:

Spread your Influence by Reinventing Yourself

…has found a new readership just be mentioning it again.

Repeat your tweets !

7 – Become a storyteller

A good story touches people. Why not include one in your about page ?

Or if you want to share a success story, why not in story-form ?

That’s some powerful copy, because people love stories.

Tell them and win the hearts of your clients and readers.

  • 8 – Network beyond your network

You are a “make money online” blogger and you only interact with “make money online” bloggers ?

Incest pure !

Get some fresh air into the degenerated networking pool. Connect with people who are in the self-help or cooking niche. People that have NOTHING to do with your area. Believe me, you will reach a wider audience and witness remarkable interactions.

  • 9 – Just start a conversation

No need to build a battle plan for everything. See someone you like ? Want to participate in conversation ? Build a relationship with this dude ?


(I’m not a Nike affiliate)

  • 10 – Create a Facebook fan page

If you do something that is valuable, you deserve your own fan club. Why not give it yourself ? Go to your Facebook account and create your own fan page. It takes less than 15 seconds. Use a nice picture of your business or blog and invite your facebookies or tweeps. This can be a great way to build your community and drive additional traffic to your website. I’m not the best at this, check out how mavericks like Pat Flynn do it.

And BTW – have you checked out this place yet ?

  • 11 – Get face-to-face

If there’s a chance to meet your allies / networkers in the REAL world, do it. If you can’t manage that, use the Skype video call or something similar. A 5 min video call ignites more connection than a thousand faceless messages.

  • 12 – Unleash your inner geek

Remember the kids that beat you up for being a nerd in school ? Now you can be the person who’s delivering the punches – inspirational, passion-infused punches of course ! Deep within you, there’s a freak on leash and he wants get out. Let him !

– If you love pink and uber-girly kitch, show it.

– If you like beer, and you think you can include in your sales copy, do it.

– If you cuss more like a sailor, then admit it.

Your so-called quirks and obsessions will attract your true fans. And separate them from the bystanders.

Which inner freak can you unleash today ?

  • 13 – Become a smartaholic

This is the opposite of a workaholic. Unless you are craving a heart attack before your time, you should embrace the smartaholic lifestyle. The motto:

How to achieve more in less time ?

Instead of working more and neglecting your family and friends, ask yourself how to work less and get more done. Plan a lot of social activities and witness how much time you really have for your work !

Fewer minutes will make your focus super-sharp – only things that NEED to get done WILL get done !

If you want to get a lot done in 2 hours a day, I recommend downloading Everett Bogue’s free ebook:

Minimalist Workday

(right click on the link and save it – that easy !)

I promise you – asking yourself this question will not only skyrocket your efficiency online but will also put a big, fat smile on your people’s faces.

Now that’s what I call an epic WIN-WIN.

14 – Interconnect your network

Sounds like robotic corporate jargon, but it’s magical. It means that you connect people in your network with each other. Let’s say Jason needs a kick-ass tagline for his website, and he asks you to help him. Now you don’t know shit about creating taglines, but you know Jean, a witty girl who’s a tagline goddess. Come on, you know what to do here.

It’s powerful. Don’t just connect with people, but also connect your people with each other. Amazing stuff can happen. I know from experience.

  • 15 – Join or create your syndicate

Mastermind group, alliance, the network – doesn’t matter how you call it. Join or create a group of like-minded crusaders and help each other out:

– cross-promote your stuff

– share valuable info and knowledge

– help each other making money by becoming affiliates

Fact is, a close group can leverage your influence like crazy. I have experienced rapid growth and influence by entering one. Read this article if you want to know more:

How to Massively Spread Your Online Influence – The Superfast Way

  • 16 – Always lead by example

Don’t tell people things you are not doing yourself. I read this all the time, and it makes me want to puke in my face. Stuff Like:

How to change the world in 6 steps

Fine, but are you following them ? If not, stop being a fucking hypocrite and get real. Test everything yourself and THEN talk about your results and recommendations. Our world needs people who lead, not people who talk about leading.

  • 17 – Be a consistent maverick

Consistency shows you are passionate and committed. You care about your work, and so will others :

Be consistent with your brand message.

Have a rough posting schedule.

Give people what they expect from you.

Be there on time – with your projects and announcements. People will wait for you.

  • 18 Share the light AND the darkness

When your not nervous hitting the publish button you are not pushing hard enough. There’s too much mediocrity out there, because creators are leaving one foot on the brakes. If you want to reach your highest potential, you have to be raw. That includes:

– You never censor yourself. Say fuck and not F&%K. Damn, you are not cartoon on the Disney channel.

– You share your failures and successes. One dimension is boring, two dimensions are real and…exciting. Let the reader see both – your epic wins and your abysmal screw-ups.

Sharing success is easy, admitting your defeat is what takes courage.

Read Adam Bakers How to Suck at Launching a Product to experience a prime example !

Your community will appreciate your frankness. And will connect on a deeper level with you.

  • 19 – Promote others more than yourself

I know you love talking about yourself. I do, too. But try talking more about others – it’s fun and very effective too ! My ratio is 7 to 1:

For every message I spread about me I promote 7 other people.

Believe me, spreading the message about others will ultimately result in spreading the message about you.

Now you can be an egoistical bastard and still help people at the same time.

I know you like this one.

  • 20 – Use the magic formula

I should have said “timeless” formula:

Provide the most ass-kicking value and make it as unique as freaking possible !

Honestly, you should burn this sentence into your brain.  Yep, it’s that vital. No matter the art of your content, following this sentence will ensure you achieve the highest impact possible !

And now “last but not least”, the most important action to increase your influence online:

A no-brainer, but people do overlook the obvious.


If you find this post useful, your friends will probably think so, too.

Share it with them via Facebook share and Twitter !

  • http://www.pursuitofchange.com/ Mike Tiojanco

    Great stuff Mars,

    I especially liked #9 – Starting a conversation is so easy with twitter these days. You rarely get “ignored” if you mention someone – most everyone on there is friendly and willing to help in any way.

    I've gotta do more work on Networking beyond… Pretty much everyone I connect with is in the personal dev/make money/marketing area.

    Thanks for the ideas!

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Hey Mike,

      yep, starting a conversation is really easy nowadays. The only thing that stops you is in your mind – fear.
      Networking with awesome people is a simply powerful way to increase your influence, and building valuable friendships along the way. And have fun with networking with other people – I got some kick-ass relationships in the travel and cooking niche !

  • http://www.peopleskillsdecoded.com Eduard – People Skills Decoded

    Hey Mars,

    I thought the one about building your 150 is really smart. I've recently un-followed a lot of people on Twitter and I now only follow about 100 (don't worry, you're still in them :)) You can actually have conversations and build bridges with such a 'small' number of people. And from there, your words spread like wildfire.

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      about 5 months ago, I did the same on Twitter. I un-followed hundreds of people, because I wasn't having any valuable conversation with them whatsoever !
      Having your inner circle and building your incredible message is the fastest way to spread awesomely.
      Shine on, Eduard !

  • http://blog.esimplestudios.com Gabriele Maidecchi

    I really want to give my personal view on some of your points Mars.

    #2, this reminds me of someone, when we founded our startup company, who told us, don't aim for the moon, aim for alpha centauri. You get the point

    #8 I read a lot of suggestion about choosing just *one* niche and connect/relate within that. I personally think that's bullshit, so I agree with you on all the line.

    #9 my motto is “just start”. Once you start, anything, all the rest comes natural. If you don't start walking, you can't move anywhere.

    #10 I noticed you don't have a short URL for your facebook page, take a look at http://www.facebook.com/username/

    Awesome post!

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Hey Gabriele,

      man, I value your epic comments. You have such a distinctive voice and I luv your get to business attitude. Just freaking do it is my new motto as well – just freaking do it !

      thanx about the Facebook thing, but I can't get it work. It somehow gets in conflict with my main profile :(

      • http://blog.esimplestudios.com Gabriele Maidecchi

        Ouch that's weird, “conflict” as a cookie problem or? Dunno just reminded me of the Google profile conflicts, maybe it's a different problem.

  • http://opencobra.com Open Cobra

    Understood. Time to go be awesome!

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      haha, that's the spirit !

  • http://bloggerbusinessplan.com Allan Ward

    Hey Mars,

    You've got some great ideas in here. Some I do already, some I need to be reminded of. I think the main point is to be yourself and not be scared of what other people think. The internet and social media gives us access to so many like-minded people, but we need to develop real relationships and these take a bit of time and effort.

    Have a great day.


    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Hey Allan,

      yeah – getting rid of fear and living your true self is the best way to live life anyways. Like you said – social media is the tool for finding like-minded crusaders. I luv it :)

  • stanigator

    Thanks for the 21 tips Mars. How many times do you repeat your tweets though?

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian


      I repeat them every 7 hours or so. Cornerstone content like this will be retweeted over long periods of time !
      I usually tweet a new post a lot in the beginning, and then a few days later. It all depends on your inner rhythm.

  • Trinity

    #2 Become delusional…that really make sense. Awesome article, each is very well said.

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      haha, thanx a lot.

      It's helping me following my own digital crusade. There's a positive maniac within all of us !

  • http://67dollars.com/ Jason

    The Twitter 150 idea is interesting…seems like a lot of people to actively follow but I suppose Twitter’s 140 character cap makes that a bit easier.

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Yeah, I'd suggest you follow peeps that you actually care about.
      As of now, I follow “only” 150+ peeps while over thousand people follow me. Never click on the follow button in order to get a possible follow in return. Quality relationships are so much fun…and valuable !

  • http://pccuisine.com/ Jennifer Cote

    OK, I like how you get to the point. (Er, points.) And YES- we need to get manically delusional. Love it. Now I have permission. From an expert. Thank you!

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Hey Jennifer,

      I'm glad you like my style. I use the word delusional a lot, but always in the good sense. I believe that seeing the future in your way is an inspirational trait. Now go out and manifest that delusion :)

  • http://trafficcoleman.com/ TrafficColeman

    Great tips Mars..you are beginning to get to that next stage of marketing..the sky is about to open up..your content is helping many people make good decisions.

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Hey Antonio,

      that's like the most positive and uplifting comment I have heard in a while !
      Thanx so much for that – it shines through my day !
      I now publish way less but with way more quality. And I'm glad it does its impact !

  • http://www.30andbroke.com Will

    Great post Mars… I like #2 Become Delusional lol

    It seems sometimes you have to go all out on your own vision before it materializes for the world to understand.

    Also like your unique way to bringing ideas to life. Makes you look at things differently.

    Keep it coming!

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Hey thanx Will !

      Doing my best to provide the ultimate value ! Becoming delusional is the way to go to achieve awesome stuff. I'm glad a found a digital soul mate here ;)

  • Maryam Alhafidh

    wow thank thank you so much : )!

  • http://twitter.com/JohnKDeVries John DeVries

    I know you wrote this a while ago but I just found it and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the article.

    When you talked about being nervous when hitting the “publish” button, that really resonated with me. I totally get that and I need to do a better job of just being brave and rolling with it.

    Thank you for this article man. Best of luck amigo.

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      My pleasure John,
      I want to make my articles timeless ! It's always encouraging if it helps people like you to shine brighter !

  • http://www.baconismagic.ca Ayngelina

    I would love to hear more about #8, I'm starting to feel like my own network is a bit of a circle jerk and am trying to expand beyond it.

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Heya Ayngelina (what a name !),

      it's actually quite easy – make it a deliberate effort to check out people that have NOTHING to do with your area.
      Pick one area that interest you (beside your main topic) and then add “blogs” or “blogger” into google, and you find people in that niche.
      OR ask your peeps on Facebook and Twitter if they know someone !

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