Want To Dominate an Overcrowded Niche ? This Post Will Help You

Help !

I’m a social media consultant /slash/ internet marketer !

Oh boy ! How many do we already got – thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions ?

Shit !

Should you now kill yourself because you are entering a niche that’s fuller than Amy Winehouse at a public concert ?

Of course not !

There’s something to be said about so-called overcrowded and overused things.

Let me give you a few examples:

  • Self help. Buddha, the bald guy with the big smile, pretty much summed up the whole principle of internal happiness. If you read a decent book about his teachings, you will know everything about achieving inner happiness there is to know. Read it, apply it, and you are set for life ! Then how come our planet is flooded with hundreds of thousands new books on self-help and happiness every new year ?
  • Do you know the dream factory ? That huge industry with the overpaid narcissists (aka actors) and the cocaine sniffing producers. Some people also call it Hollywood.

Guess what:

90% of Hollywood’s movies are based on the three act structure, which is over 2000 years old. Which means that modern filmmakers still use the formula that was invented by those half-naked sword-wielding guys known as the Greeks ?

Now what the heck does this all mean ?

Simply this:

Humans can never get enough. They want more and more…and then a little tiny bit more. And then ? MORE !

It’s a stomach without a bottom – it never gets filled. A black hole that sucks up the Death Star and still craves more.

Avatar, James Cameron’s masterpiece, is considered a mile stone in movie history, yet it’s still based on that thousand year old story structure.

Instead of trying to create something new, take qualities that work and mix them with something creative.

If you aim is to dominate your area of a (super) over-crowded niche, this tips will help you achieve that:

  1. Remarkable doesn’t mean groundbreaking

Although it helps coming up with something entirely new (chances for that= –1), it isn’t necessary. Remarkable simply means something is worth making a remark about. It doesn’t say anything about quality – you can be the meanest, most obnoxious internet celebrity in the world. Everything you do and say is useless, but you are so edgy that people choose to talk about you. That’s remark-able.

If you are single (online) business, remarkable can simply mean you leverage your personality:

Naomi Dunford and Gary Vaynerchuk area personality driven businesses. Naomi’s niche is marketing, and she flavors it with her edgy-take-no-prisoner-style. Seriously, in terms of keyword density, she’d gain better ranking for “fuck” and “shit” then “marketing” !

Gary on the other side is all about wine talking and business branding, and dominates that niche by being outrageous and over-the-top.

Now Maki from Dosh Dosh is the opposite example: He’s all about internet marketing, SEO and Social Media, but he’s got such a shy presence it makes my dead grandmother appear like a party animal. He doesn’t even use a real picture of himself – all his images come from Japanese cartoons. His brand is all about being valuable in a mysterious, comic type of way. Worth making a remark about.

If you are one (wo)man show, think about how you can stretch your personality and flavor your whole online presence with it. If you are funny, make it more funny. If you are shy, make your online presence mysterious. If you are outrageous…you know the drill ! It’s all about taking your qualities and stretching them – make ‘em more extreme !


2. Re-invent your digital career

Internet marketers and social media consultants are like zits. Just when you think you got enough, more sprout out of nowhere. Please, don’t become a zit !

Give yourself a title which only YOU can use.

In Berlin, Germany, there’s a former law student who now calls him Doc Alex – the party scientist. He’s earning a killing from organizing up to 150 big parties a year.

  • There’s supposed to be an archive worker at CNN who calls herself “Information Goddess of popular culture”
  • I know some people that are web designers but call themselves digital storytellers
  • Dave Navarro tagged himself as the “Launch coach” and now enjoys top dollars in the 6 figure range.

What do they all have in common ? They are all people who vaporized their standard job description (consultant, archivists, web designer) and created their own instead.

An unknown blogger or marketer has to face a huge problem when entering the competitive online arena. But when the blogger chooses to become a status quo non-conformist, or a Digital Empire builder, he will dominate his part of the niche and leave the competition in the digital dust.


3. If you still set out to be remarkable, you will get there !

I know a friend who used to be a pretty solid designer. Solid income, solid designs, but he wanted more. One day he came up to me  “Mars, I want more. I want to create something remarkable!”. Well, I didn’t what to tell him, so I just said “you will get there !”

In my unknowingness I was actually right. Solely his desire to  be remarkable made him become remarkable. It took him longer than he thought, but he got there eventually. The changes weren’t dramatic – some small applied ideas here and there every day made his designs become more remarkable over time. He’s now considered a small celebrity in his niche and earns top dollars…eh Euros ;)

Profile-Twitterwrap up !

Standing out and becoming an authority in your field isn’t as impossible as most people think. Instead of reinventing the digital wheel, worry about “remarkable-izing” your biz.

What’s your title ? What’s your personal and/or unique flavor that you can use in your products and services ?

Merge that with a desire to become remarkable, and you will write your own digital legacy within an ocean of copycats.

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  • http://www.thelifething.com Go Jonny Go

    Half-naked sword-wielding guys known as the Greeks…outstanding though if they ever come after me looking for royalties on their ideas then I can throw a mean left hook…from behind, when they are not looking.

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian


      haha, that's the way to go !
      Make sure their spikes don't hit you. And if you Hollywood can get away with this, than you can. Easily ;)

  • Ryan Biddulph

    W-O-W on the dead grandmother quote. You never hold back!

    I provide punchy personal development. I have been churning out the youtube videos – 470 at last count – and now promote them aggressively to get the word out. The more emotion I put into them the better response I get. After watching a few Gary V videos last week I received the inspiration to step it up 45 notches on the passion front.

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration as always, Mars.

    Ryan Biddulph

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian


      yeah, I can't hold those one liners back, they need to come out ;9
      Gary V is an ass-kicking example when it comes to videos. I will now actually watch yours to see that higher voltage of yours, Ryan.

      Punchy personal development is quite nice, too bad development doesn't start with a “P” ;)

  • Thom Chambers

    A big old post, Mars, and a damn fine one too. I especially like the part about creating your own job title, that's a powerful way to sort your personal brand if ever there was one.

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      I luv the job title, Thom !

      Some of my friends really play it well by using that custom title – after all, people don't (just) pay for quality, but for perception (unknowingly) as well.

      You *definitely* rock it with your niche – building valuable and profitable niche communities. That plus your title inTreehouses definitely stand out in terms of branding !

  • Tracey

    Hi Mars

    Amazing post and a little uncanny that I stumbled on it today. I was just having this very discussion with a friend yesterday (prompted by an earlier post of yours) as to how you can stand out in an overpopulated niche – something I am grappling with in going out alone in the Digital PR space. We also recognised the remarkable doesn't always equal groundbreaking and that your personality is what makes you stand out.

    Next challenge and one I'd be interested in your thoughts on…How to find that inner rockstar after years of corporate whitewashing…me thinks this is an interesting one to ponder. Keep the great posts coming. Loving your work.


    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Hey Tracey,

      yeah,yeah – the corporate thingy. It should be called corporate damage instead of collateral damage because that's what they do – eliminating the uniqueness and forcing everyone and everything to conformity. Bad !

      But there's still hope for victims like you, lol ;)
      It comes down to bringing a more playful attitude to everything you do – dropping the robot language and infusing a lot of inner style into your work.
      Have you ever seen Seth Godin's main page ? That's a pretty cool message and design for someone coming from the marketing scene.
      Focus on your desires – and express them in a playful way:
      – use your personal language
      – create things that make you feel uncomfortable (to expand your comfort zone!)
      – do things your way instead of copying what other so-called professionals do etc.
      I am going to write a kick-ass post on that very soon.

      thanx for the active commitment, Tracey. It's awesome to see that people talk about my stuff in the offline world ;)

      Shine on !

  • Kim Jensen

    Not only are you right on, you had me at: the word 'fuck'! (don't get to use that much any more…or do I?) I really dig your style and I am confident the you are well on your way to remarkable-ness.

    Thanks Mars

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      thanx Kim,
      it's all about unleashing your desired self. Everyone's got a maverick within them – the just got to release that troublemaker !

  • http://youtube.com/BobbySoFamous BobbySoFamous

    Hey I found this blog through Rob Granholm. Checking out all these posts now, love the artwork!

  • eblogr

    That line is so true… remarkable doesn't mean ground-breaking. There is nothing new under the sun, you just need to slap your personality into it..

  • http://www.socialcubix.com/services/facebook-connect Facebook Connect Integration

    Oi Mars,

    lol @ “Half-naked sword-wielding guys known as the Greeks” :D

    Hey, the same thing always happens with me, every time I meet someone on web, every third person is either an Internet Marketer, a blogger or a Network Marketer :). After the global recession these people (esp the bloggers) have emerged a lot and they have build a successful digital career too. But the question is what makes you different from others?

    Great stuff Mars,

    • http://www.marsdorian.com/ Mars Dorian

      Hey Des,

      yeah – and we will definitely see more people emerge in that area. The global recession has broken the so-called security of the job system, and more and more people find themselves creating their own, digital career !

      I think it's a brilliant time to be alive, and I will do my best to be part of that digital revolution. I hope you'll be part of it, too ;)

  • http://www.trippingmom.com Marilia

    Yes Mars, the DISDUS wasn´t working properly in the morning.

    It´s nice to read this post as I am now facing one of the most crowded niche: the parenting one. I started writting content way before realizing how many “competitors” were out there. Now that I´m connecting to them, I realize it´s thousands of parenting blogs, but as I keep reading them I get more sure that I have my personal aproach for the same things everyone is writting about.

  • http://www.trippingmom.com Marilia

    What a good timing for me to find this post. Just as I am entering one of the most crowded niches: the parenting one.

    But as I connect to the “competitors” I realize I have my personal aproach on the same things everyone is talking about.

  • Steve Thomas – fungeezer

    Being in the self help, lifestyle design sort of niche thingie, I could relate to being overwhelmed by all the underwhelmers!

    My thing is for the old decrepit baby boomers! Hence my name fungeezer. Why should you young kids have all the fun!?

    This is great advice and some very encouraging words. for those of us entering a very competitive niche!

  • robinlynnbrooks

    You have an intelligent choice of words strung together here. I'm liking all of them :)

    I'm thinking about how you talked about creating a more remarkable online presence in and by stretching your personality and flavor a bit (or a lot!) More than ever that is seriously true for effective targeting online. And of course relationships and personalities can only be clearly attracted if they are clearly seen!

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