How to Build a Digital Killer Brand in 6 steps

Hello my fellow Digital Crusaders !

This is a pure “killer kontent” post, and that means

1) it took an insane amount of time to create

2) It’s essential knowledge that can take very far

If you want you to spread your digital influence, you need to become a killer-ass personal brand. It’s e-s-s-e-n-t-i-a-l.

Otherwise, why should people listen to you ? Why should they come to your online platform ? What makes you different ? TONS of stuff. You only have to learn some magic to crystallize it.

Start with these 6 steps:

1 – Become delusional

Be crazy

Listen, in the near future, you’ll vanish into stardust. Your memories, your glorious life – everything will be gone. Whooosh. Just like that.

I don’t know about you, but before my journey goes six feet under, I want to leave the world a bit more illuminated. You don’t have to be a Superstar to feel like one. Delusion has a negative flavor, but listen to any successful person on the planet, and you’ll find out: First, they had a delusion, and then, they had a solution. A passionate mind is the beginning of a killer digital career.

You have to believe that you…

  • look way better than you do
  • have irresistible charm
  • will accomplish the most epic things ever

Before anyone else believes it, you have to believe it. If you don’t think your products and services are the best in the world, you are wasting our time. Most people tell you to be down-to-earth, but I disagree. Leave that to the moles. Instead, embrace your delusions and tell yourself :

If they can do it, I can do it, and I can do it better. I will get it done, no matter what.

2 – Get yourself a remarkable name


My mother’s an artist.

In the last decades, she wanted to build a remarkable brand with a kick-ass name. The mistake she made was that she listened to other people. She ended up keeping her “real” name (which she hates), and blew her chance of standing out. A boring name does massive damage, and my mom regrets that decision until today.  Don’t make this mistake.

If you don’t like your name, consider getting yourself a new one. Or make tiny changes to let it “dance” better on the tongue. Some people in the online world are blessed with unique names:

Others followed their inner desires, and recreated their online persona:

They did the smart choice: if you don’t like your reality, create a better one.

80% of my name, Mars Dorian, is real. The rest is stylized, for branding purposes. Not everyone was blessed with a kick-ass name. Don’t let that get in you way: create your own, and become obsessed with it. It can take you far.

3 – Have the coolest intro ever


If you introduce your personal brand, how much do you have to write/talk ?

If it takes several minutes, you know something’s wrong. Become the person who has to pitch a movie concept in less than 30 seconds. Pretend that every human you talk to is a busy Hollywood producer – present your concept in the most compelling and concise way possible. Think about your personal mission, and crystallize. Check out the following intro from Danielle LaPorte:

“I’m Danielle LaPorte. You can find me at where I write about self-realization and entrepreneurship. I’ve got a weekly commentator gig on CBC TV, and I advise entrepreneurs how to rock their careers in what I call ‘Fire Starter Sessions’, and I’m working on my next book.”


4 – be super-specific first, go broader later


A few years ago, you could be as broad as a pancake: Internet Marketer, personal development blogger, make-money-online evangelist etc.

All of these brand titles were in high demand.

But that shtick doesn’t work anymore. If you are internet marketer number 299,977 and you present yourself like that, you are a drop on a hot stone. Whoshhh (the sound of water vaporizing !)

Every famous niche is over-crowded nowadays. People are searching more and more for specifics:

Old: how to make money online

New: how to make money with affiliates

Old: How improve your life

New: How to increase your focus

Stand out in a popular niche by owning a very specific part of it.

If you are in the personal-development world, go for the “Focus Bringer”, or the “Feel Good Girl” rather then the self-help coach. Ok, not the most creative, but you get the idea.

The bigger your influence grows, the more you can do. Start owning a very specific part of a popular niche, and expand with your influence. Seth Godin started as a product marketer, and now he can do ANYTHING.

5 – Link a strong feeling to your brand


Nathan Hangen told me that he gets an Angels and Airwaves / 30 seconds to Mars feeling when he enters my blog.

That’s awesome, because those bands stand for an epic, space-ish revolutionary-call-to-action style which I want to create as well.

Grrreat Digital Crusaders with an awesome brand have their own “world” – a platform that evokes a specific feeling in the reader:

  • Chris Guillebeau: Rebellious non-conformist living. I feel like Indiana Jones joining an exciting adventure.
  • Everett Bogue: Clear, and carefree minimalistic lifestyle. Pure serenity.

Question: What feeling do you want your readers/clients to experience with your brand ? Whatever it may be, deliver that by

a) your design

b) your writings / videos

6  – Spread your influence

Blow me away

I have said before, and I say it again. Networking is the alpha and omega of your digital crusade. Remember the phrase: Build it and they will come ?

Whoever coined that line was taking the wrong pills. You know you have to go out there. I know someone who hates networking, and I just wrinkle my brow. Unless you produce epic content that people MUST spread like wildfire, you HAVE to connect with the good peeps. Concentrate on key figures and movers first. They are a lot of nice people out there, but not everyone deserves equal attention. Some of them just chat and chat and chat and chat, without moving forward. Avoid those.

And here’s another danger: I know some people who are building kick-ass relationships and write guest posts for big blogs, but their content is only “solid”. They won’t skyrocket, at least not in this lifetime. Give yourself an edge first, and spread your message later.

Profile-Twitter Essence

The cool thing is: all of those tactics are free. The only thing you need is a voracious appetite and the will to power. Everyone who has the desire can spread their influence by building a kick-ass brand.

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  • srinirao

    Epic stuff as always my friend. SEems like the morning is filled with lots of practical hands on advice from many bloggers.

    • Chris C. Ducker

      Hi Sri

      I’ve also noticed that! It seems guys are really upping their game at the moment.

      Awesome to see happening…


    • Chris C. Ducker

      Hey Sri

      You're right, bud. It seems like a lot of guys are really upping their game at the moment.

      Its great to see it happening, too!

      All the best,

      PS. Mars – Another great piece, my man.

      • Mars Dorian

        upping their game ? I like that impression, Chris.
        I want to get better and better, and own that niche. Working on it every single day. Just like you. Hard workers for life ;)

    • Mars Dorian

      The summer son is hot, but one has to keep going. A Digital Crusader never rests – he always keeps going ;)
      Hope some of this stuff inspired you.

  • David Crandall

    Way to rock it, Mars! You've given me a lot to think about here, stuff I wish I had known PRIOR to starting, but knowing it's not too late.

    Really digging the vibe you put out. Also, now that I've watched a few videos of you, can't help but imagine your accent as I read your posts. Love it!

    • Mars Dorian

      Thanx David,

      and BTW – it's never too late. You can decide to kick-ass your destiny, right this very moment. All it takes is the hunger and a bit of courage to try something new !

  • Lynn Fang

    Great stuff, Mars! More food to think on while dawdling at work…

    • Mars Dorian

      Dawdling ? I hope this is an exception, Lynn.
      Passionate work, like re-creating yourself, should feel like endless fire inside. Only when it's super hot (like where I am) are you allowed to cool off for a while ;)

      • Lynn Fang

        Oh yes, I meant dawdling at my day job, which is not quite my passionate work. Don't worry, thinking of reinventing myself and living the life I want drives everything I pursue!

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Great stuff here Mars.

    You present branding as an act of unleashing, and I like it. Truth be told you have influenced me to add more edge to my act, and I feel grateful to you for this guidance.

    As an aside you intro'd me to Gary V, I never heard of him before reading your blog. Turns out his first wine store in Springfield, NJ is located 10 minutes from where I live. Way cool.

    Ryan Biddulph

    • Mars Dorian


      that's awe-some. Isn't he still living close to that area ? It would be ass-kicking to see him live, I admire his passion.
      I recently met a blogger here in Berlin that I have met via the internet.
      Small world after all.

  • Jimi Jones

    Great stuff as usual, Mars!

    Being just another old school cookie-cutter type of blogger will not get the job done in today's environment. Getting out there and spreading your brand while helping others is what it's all about. I love the networking aspect of the craft and wish there were more time to do just that. Someday, when all else in in order.

    Enjoyed the post, man. ;-)

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Jimi,

      yeah, I live by these standards daily. Most people talk about stuff, but they don't use it – not with me.

      It's hard work to sharpen your edges. But it's soo worth it. Create your world, create your brand ;)

  • Arjan Salomons

    Again a mind-blowing piece of work Mars! Proud to have encountered you, keep up the good work man!

    • Mars Dorian

      haha, thanx Arjan,

      aiming to better with every post.

  • Graveyard Greg


    • Mars Dorian

      Cool name.

  • Phyllis

    First time here – love your style and the info! Glad to find you.

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Phyllis, awesome to see you here. I'm in the process of creating epic value here, tell me straight if I succeed or not ,)

  • Marek

    Great steps here. Especially starting out narrow and going broad later. I don't think I'd ever even considered specialization as a method of differentiating yourself from other people. One of those “aha, why didn't I think of that?” moments!

    • Mars Dorian


      specialization is very important. When I started this blog, I was doing too many things at once. Having no clear direction is disastrous, especially at the beginning of your digital legacy. Make one topic of your niche, and dominate it. Once you get authority and popularity, you can spread.

  • Brandon101

    Awesome post Mars! Your first point really resonates with me. If we think outrageously, we open up portals within ourselves to achieve remarkable results. I also love the point about evoking a strong feeling – something I need to work on for sure.

    So glad I ran across your blog – you've got great energy! :)

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Brandon,

      thanx – yeah, evoking emotions is a very important process. When I analyze successful people who work online, they have a very good way of stimulating emotions – be it through design and/or writing. It's essential to aim for specific feelings.

  • Kim Ramsay

    Awesome article Mars!!
    Divine timing – I'm on holidays & looking at my personal branding as a filmmaker – new website, showreel etc – so this is infinitely useful & has some great suggestions I can apply immediately.
    Glad to see the stardust ref :) made me smile today!

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Kim,

      I had to use the stardust reference – that line was just too cool. It's part of my vocabulary now ;)
      And cool news about your website – I have checked out your Delphic Insight. The feeling is mystical, but the message/overall purpose feels a bit scattered. Send me a link once you have your new/upgraded website.
      I*m curious.

      • Kim Ramsay

        Hey Mars – Thanks for stopping by my old site – its definitely a bit scattered or random as I like to say – I'm working at reeling it all in to a tighter inspired vision – we'll see how I go in the next few weeks :)

  • Sumon

    Thanks for share this

    • Mars Dorian

      my pleasure

  • meganmatthieson

    This post rocks. Thank you!!

    • Mars Dorian

      my pleasure !

  • Heidi

    Exactly what I needed to pull my brand together – thank you!

    • Mars Dorian

      Cool, Heidi,

      and if you have any more questions, just contact me.

  • ralphcarlson

    Great Job. Mars. I don't visit here often enough because I have trouble thinking like you and I need to change that. New Name, Huh! Maybe. but getting outrageous, now that's what I need,

    • Mars Dorian

      outrageous ? Haha, if that's not your style, Ralph, then don't force yourself !
      It's about creating your best self, and showing that in the most ass-kicking way possible.

      • ralphcarlson

        No I think that outrageous is what needs to happen.

  • FlyWiditCustoms

    This was very helpful! I will try to implement some of these techniques into my own blog. Thanks, Mars!

  • Huda

    amazingly practical advice, as someone who is mulling over creating my own blog, I appreciate your post immensely.

    • Mars Dorian

      Hey Huda,
      my pleasure. And if you have any questions, just shoot me an message via my contact page.

  • Erik

    I absolutely love this post. I think you have become my fairy blogmother! The layout of your blog, the colors, and the personality all jump out at you. its great. Thank you!

    • Mars Dorian

      haha, thanx Erik. Just putting myself and my style totally in, with endless fire inside !

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