Your Blog, Your WORLD ?

The web world is changing faaast, right ? A space ship moving at the speed of light.

It’s awesome, it’s agile and you have to keep up with it.

Don’t sweat my friend, it’s easy peasey.

Blogging is dead, long live the NEW way of blogging.

Is your blog “just” a blog ?

Do you just your basic WordPress blog with a few plugins and your daily (weekly? I hope not!) blog posts ? A blog like gazillion other blogs ? A blog so randomly boring and ugly that it makes blind kids cry ?

If the answer is an overwhelming YES, then you’re A) in deep, deep trouble and B), you’re on the verge of salvation.

It’s not your blog anymore, it’s your WORLD

Yep, it’s time to ride a higher sphere – delusion mode is ON ! Just writing your blog posts and answering your blog comments is old-school, but in a bad way. It has been done a trillion times, and it’s not rocking your reader’s world anymore, which is what we all want, RIGHT ?

It’s time to go ballistic with your imagination, and this is what you can do:

Turn your blog into a theme park, your own little world with lots of amazing attractions !

What the heck do you mean by that ? Are you nuts ?

Yes, a little, but hear me out.

It simply means that you should treat your blog like your branded planet – a remarkable experience that your reader will crave to heaven.

Think Disneyland. A theme park with TONS of attractions: Ice Cream Parlor, Disneyland Hotel, Costumed characters, King Arthur Carousel Railroad, Snow White’s Scary Adventures etc.

Very, very different attractions that are fun, exciting and purely, PURELY Disney. It’s called DisneyLAND for a reason !

Get inspired and transform your blog into a theme park that’s branded by you.

Now I always do what I preach, and that’s why I want to show you my upcoming attractions of Mars Dorian Land:

  • I just added the I-Empire page (I love that word), which is a monthly status report of my ongoing online conquest. I will post my current mission process there – stuff like guest posting, increasing traffic, networking and etc. It shows the actual process of turning an obscure, little blog into a one man empire :)
  • I’m going to start Vblogging soon, which is a fancy word for publishing your videos. It’s going to be a much more personal relationship between me and my audience, which is what I truly cherish. Keep your shiny eyes wide open, Mars Dorian is about to grace the screen !(oh crap!)
  • I’m going to start a special page where I want to enhance – mmmmm- let’s say SUPER-upgrade my overall community interaction. Comments are cool community booster, but there are simply not powerful ENOUGH ! I want to bath myself in the crossfire of my community. Coming soon !

These are just 3. More are on their way. Step by step here, my fast friend !

And don’t worry, I won’t leave you in the cold rain. Let me give you some inspirations that will help YOU magically enhance your blog experience:

Remember: Every page a different attraction, but 100% your brand:

  • Diversify. Don’t just blog. Make multimedia your all-star mantra. Ever thought about putting up a video ? No, then how about a podcast ? Or go double-delicious: Do it ALL !
  • Every page an attraction in itself:– Make your contact page encourage your readers to contact you. Maybe a phrase, that’s really inviting, or how about a feel-good picture – check out mine and tell me what you think :) Make your “about me” page really info-taining and remarkable. Be original, and don’t copy other people’s styles. Create a cool archive page. Or even better, make it an all-time favorites OR a Best-of list !
  • Unique-fy ! Rules are like fortune cookies; they’re meant to be broken. Can YOU come up with original ways of enhancing your “world” infrastructure ? How about a special community page ? Or a tribe page where you feature your networking buddies and partners ? A manifesto section where you post your core principles and goals for the future ?

Everything that enhances/diversifies your blog experience is GO-GO.

Go, emperor, and increase your world – improve your blog with lots of different attractions that are fun, informative and a 100% You, Incorporated.

Your readers will love you for that, and they’ll come back, and back and back.

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And TELL me what you think !

Back to creation,

Mars Dorian

  • GetYourBizSavvy

    Damn, these is no better way to let people know they need to be unique! Great works Mars. Really inspiring. I agree man, do something different. Why do people want the same old stuff everywhere they turn? Easy answer — They don't. I thrive off being unique and that is why I love this wildly diversified blog that you have.

    • Mars Dorian

      Thanks Alex, it's all about being just a little more creative and innovative. The next month will be amazing – I'm going to add and try a lot of new stuff !

      Thanks for dropping by !

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  • Hesham @ FamousBloggers

    Very interesting post, oh man I like your theme!

    • Mars Dorian

      Thanks a bunch, Hesham,
      I put a LOT of effort in it :)

      • Hesham @ FamousBloggers

        Great, keep it up!

  • whitening teeth

    I made a careless comment on a blog posting recently. I did not fully appreciate the impact of my words and regretted it afterward. I think sometimes you don't realize how public your comments are and that you should make sure you filter your opinions for public consumption.

    • Mars Dorian

      Yep, writing comments can be a two-edged sword. I always think twice before I publish a comment; you never know how big the impact can be. And I always want to ensure it's an impact full of possibility and optimism !

  • J.D. Meier

    Perfect metaphor.

    I think of it as my platform and arena and my world … they all work.

    3rd place is a good metaphor, too … but theme park hits home, and I like the fact I can design my own attractions.

    • Mars Dorian

      That's cook, J.D.
      It's really about seeing your blog in a new light; transforming it into a big platform – a planet ;) – that's filled with lots of different sections, but purely YOU at its core !

  • Maren Kate

    I love that you called it a branded planet, I will start looking at my blog that way like “This is the planet of Maren Kate, where all things are in some way shape or form maren kate-esque” very cool post :)

    • Mars Dorian

      Awesome, if you checked out my “I-empire” page, you will see that I definitely treat my blog as planet, if not a solar star system :)

  • Stephen B | InventionAddict

    I dig your crazy sense of humor.

    “A blog so randomly boring and ugly that it makes blind kids cry ?”


    • Mars Dorian

      thanks for the compliment, Stephen !

      Since English isn't my first language, it's relatively easy for me to come up with stuff like that :)

  • Paul


    Lots of inspiration; a great post and some great ideas. Thanks for sharing them. I'll certainly take a look at your pages; I probably need to spruce some of my pages up a little.



    • Mars Dorian

      Thanks Paul,
      the upcoming month will be a blast.
      Only change your pages if you want to and/or want to increase your readers interaction !

  • Ana Goncalves

    Mars Dorian,
    That's a great way to ignite oneself with their creativity and express more of themselfs through that realization of expression.
    I love the way you think, create and inspire.

    • Mars Dorian

      Thanks a lot, Ana
      It's my gift to the world :)

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